12 Mega Pastors Bank Accounts You Won’t Believe

Did you know that pastors can make an astonishing amount of money? That’s right – millions, sometimes billions of dollars. Whether you agree with pastors owning private jets or luxurious penthouses, it doesn’t matter. Like other celebrities, pastors are making more than more than some actors and athletes.

In fact, you might be surprised at the amount of money that certain pastors make. Nowadays, people are interested in more than just going to the church for a simple sermon. Many pastors make money from doing speaking engagements, making movies and writing books for their followers.

There are many opportunities to make money when it comes to religion, and the 12 pastors listed below will be sure to inspire some people to reach for their religious doctrine and follow their dreams.

Pastor Eric Macedo – $1.1 billion



1. Pastor Eric Macedo has an astonishing net worth that is approximately $1.1 billion. This Brazilian Pastor is the founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. This preacher has a reputation for having one of the largest television networks in Brazil. However, he uses the money to buy everything from health insurance to real estate.

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