15 Things You Need to Know About This Eerie Abandoned Town

Varosha, Cyprus is a Mediterranean ghost town that has been deserted for more than forty years. This empty town is now full of decaying hotels and overgrown weeds. But, you’ll never believe it’s once-glamorous history. Think that you might want to visit just see what it is all about? Good luck getting past the military patrols. They have been ordered to shoot anyone brave enough to venture into this ghost town. Here are 15 facts that you must know about Varosha.


#1 Varosha Was One of the Most Exclusive Tourist Destinations in the World

In its heyday, Varosha was a playground for the rich and famous. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot were lured to the town by its beautiful beaches and art. With its golden sands, luxury shopping and high-rise hotels, Varosha was considered the French Riviera of Cyprus.

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