A Running List of the Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein

Just a few weeks ago Harvey Weinstein was considered one of the most successful and powerful men in Hollywood.  Over the course of his career, he was responsible for a number of major motion pictures that have done well at the box office and with critics.  However, over the past few weeks more and more women have come forth accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.  Many of these women include some of the most successful women in show business, each of which had their own terrifying account.


Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd has been one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood over the past few decades.  In that time she was in a number of successful films, including Kiss the Girls, which was produced by Weinstein.  Judd was one of the first women to come forward about Weinstein’s advances describing in detailing a harassing incident in a hotel over 20 years ago.

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