Donald Trump even cheats at golf—for $1 million

As the race for American president continues to rush forward, the two candidates for president have increasingly come under close scrutiny. Both Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump, head of the Republican ticket, have faced heavily scrutiny as the race unfolds in front of the American people. No detail from either candidate’s life has gone unremarked. For Donald Trump, who, like Clinton has spent years in the public eye, one story has come out that makes him look like a cheater who cannot keep his word even at a charity golf tournament.

A Charity Golf Hole In One
Trump’s personal parsimony and notorious lack of willingness to play by his own rules arose in August 2010. During a charity game of golf, Martin Greenberg, the Chief Operating Office of Sterling Commodities Corp., used his golf skills to land a much coveted hole-in-one. The win took place during 13th hole when he was playing at a for-charity tournament that was held at the Trump National Golf Club. The course is located in Westchester, in prestigious and highly upscale Briarcliff Manor, New York. Common rules of the tournament, dictated by standard accepted procedures, state that he should have earned a million dollar prize for his charity. Unfortunately, Trump, characteristically, decided that Greenberg was not entitled to this prize.

Not Paying Up
Even for the pros, the possibility of landing that shot are very low. However, they can happen. This is why many companies choose to purchase insurance for a small fee in order to protect themselves against such a large payout. Not The Donald. Less than an hour after the remarkable game, his lawyers brought Greenberg in their office to argue that his shot did not qualify for the prize. Why? Because, they argued that the markers on the course were not set up properly. Now the rules of golf are pretty clear. The markers have to be set up from a specific distance. The place in charge of setting up such markers is the company. In other words, officials at the course did not set up the game properly. When called on the mistake, they ignored this fact and refused to pay out or accept the blame in the first place for not setting up the course properly.

Off to Court
Greenberg, frustrated with Trump’s actions, took him and the golf course to court. The case was ultimately settled for about $150,000. Trump did not choose to personally pay up. Laws state that owners of any non-profit group must not use any money earned from charity to benefit their personal business interests. Rather than adhering to such laws, Trump choose to take the money from the charity to pay off the judgment against him. This is a violation of multiple laws and one that is extremely inappropriate. While no charges have been filed against him, this is an obvious violation of laws by someone who allegedly prides himself on being ethical.