Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera

The airport is like the Fun House at the local carnival. There is nothing like commotion, peculiar outfits, conflicting food aromas and inventive signs to place you outside of your comfort zone. And in the end, weary passengers are herded through tunnels onto a plane that flies at somewhere around 30,000 feet above the earth – 7 miles high. Relax, though, if you give it a chance, the airport can be the perfect place to wait for a plane and catch a laugh or two, even if it feels as if you are not going anywhere.
Believe it or not, these two sisters are welcoming home a family member who was traveling the world as a professional photographer. Regretfully, this is their idea of a joke – Standing with a giant colorful sign that broadcasts that their sister is coming home after completing a Drug Rehabilitation program. Wonder if their sister will find this prank of theirs, funny?


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