Is Tiger Woods Cheap?

Is Tiger woods cheap? Maybe he is maybe he isn’t. You be the judge. Their are numerous reports that can go both ways.. You can look at it this way, Tiger donates a lot of his time and money to Charity and helping others. If you are giving a lot of your money to the needy are you a cheap person? Their are also a lot of reports from Tigers former girlfiends, coworkers, and friends that he is a cheap dude.


It has been said by multiple sources that Tiger Woods is a bad tipper. His excuse is that he never carries cash on him. Phil Mickelson on the other hand is an amazing tipper. It is said that he is the kind of guy that would go up and buy a 50 cent lemonade and tip the girl $100. Tiger is the kind of guy that is under the impression that you are so honored to be in his presence that you should give him that lemonade for free and receive no tip.

Their has only been about 11 women that have came forward and said that they had affair with tiger. But it has been rumored while Tiger was in sex rehab he admitted to having sex with nearly 100 women while married to Elin.

Tiger Woods is super rich. He has a ton of loot, but it is said that he is notoriously cheap. It is reported from many of his mistresses that they would ask for small amounts of cash on rare occasions and he would say no. One report is that one of his main mistresses Rachael asked for $500 so that she could get a new place and move away from her boyfriend and Tiger said NO! Wow what a cheap jerk. It is also reported in the Haney book that he would never pick up the tab. Haney said that Tiger thought it was cute to not pick up the tab,,,

It is said by Barkley that him and Tiger were great friends. They would talk once a week for 15 years. He said after Tigers car accident in 2009 Tiger stopped talking to Barkley. Tiger cut Barkley off in a way… Not a really nice thing to do to a guy that has been your friend through thick and thin for 15 years.. Weird!