The Wealthiest Criminals In History

Those who claim that crime doesn’t pay probably never met any of the folks on this list. The fifteen wealthiest criminals in the world amassed fortunes from $300 million to $30 billion. And you thought Ted Turner and Warren Buffet were earners. These rich and famous though have had to deal with avoiding the police more often than the paparazzi and sometimes failed. Some names might surprise you. The father of a past U.S. President made the list. A famous subject of rap songs made it, too. And though the list is mostly male, one woman made it to the top, shattering the glass ceiling of the organized crime world. For some, crime was their beginning in big business, for others remained their business. Whether they parlayed it into a legimate income or remained on the run, here are the 15 wealthiest criminals.

15. Name: Zhenli Ye Gon
Net worth: $300 million

Crimes: Illegal drug sales
About: The Chinese Gon opened up shop in Mexico selling pseudoepinephrine. That’s quite a commute, but the view is nice.

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