This Giant Lizard Thinks He’s A Dog, And He Loves To Cuddle His Human

Dogs are often called a man’s best friend, but for Scott and Ice, they wanted a less traditional pet. They didn’t want a cat, dog, or even a bird. No, instead they opted for a lizard. Their pet, a 20-lb Argentine red tengu is named MacGyver is as much of a pet to them as any dog or cat could ever be. They tell anyone who will listen that lizards shouldn’t be overlooked as pets. They’re affectionate, curious, and fun to be around.

.MacGyver many not be furry, but he does like to cuddle. He spends much of the day snuggling next to their feet by the couch or sandwiched between them in bed. Despite what you may think, lizards can be domesticated. Once they get comfortable with your home, they’re likely to hang out with you and may even want to snuggle.

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