Tiger Woods Removed From U.S. Ryder Cup Team Photo

Earlier this month the official Ryder Cup Team photo was released but with one prominent member missing. Tiger Woods, the player known for both his skill on the course and his tumultuous personal life, was removed from the photo. Woods, who is not playing in the Rider Cup this year but is instead a Vice Captain was told to move out of the official team photo twice.



Though many might have seen the headline and thought that Tiger was in some sort of trouble again, it was all really just a misunderstanding. Tiger, who has played on the Ryder Cup team seven times in past years and on eight Presidents Cup teams was so used to the drill that he fell into player mode when the photos were being taken.
The photos were being taken and Tiger, along with all his fellow captains, were included in the first few shots that showed each and every member of the 18 person team. After the initial shots were taken, the other captains, Captain Davis Love, vice Captains Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Steve Stricker, and Tom Lehman all left the shot for the players only photos.

Tiger however did not. He stated in an interview that, “I forgot I wasn’t playing,” his attitude was completely amicable and he laughed off the misstep. When asked to move out of the shot Tiger simply moved from one side of the frame to the other as he would if he were a player that was being moved for the photo set up. For anyone that has been part of a routine for seven years it stands to reason that Tiger simply fell back into the player mentality and didn’t realize that he was in fact a vice captain not a player.

The funny misstep is set to be one of many as Tiger transitions from the role of an active player and big name it he actual playing of the game to more of a hands off approach as a vice captain and mentor to other players. Though the situation is completely embarrassing, Tiger is taking it in stride and is happy for his new role with the team.
Though many big name players, both former and present would have been ruffled by the experience, Tiger took the incident and made it more of a joke than many would have. He then moved out of the shot and stood by while the players and participants for the yider Cup Team USA had their press photos taken.

Tiger has stepped out of the spotlight quite a bit since his divorce and very public break up with ex wife Elin Nordegrin and has taken more of a coaching role rather than played in any big name tournaments. Tiger still wants to be a part of professional gold just not in the capacity that he has been in past years. Everyone remembers how truly spectacular Tiger was in his hey day, hopefully he can pass on some knowledge to new players.