11 Best Golf Carts on the Planet


Golf carts are getting so awesome…. You can now customize the heck out of them. Some people are getting so into this golf cart customization phenomenon that they are turning their golf carts into hot rods that can go 7 times faster than regular golf carts and some people are going completely nuts and turning their golf carts into Bat Mobile lookalikes.





Garcia Golf Cart: $11,000



This is one cart you can get your hands on. It’s offered in three colors white cream and red. You can also customize your seat color. This little bugger even has 10 inch rims.. Included in the “Garcia” are LED lights and turn signals so you can cruise around town safely

39 Roadster: $16,000



This old school beauty has shock absorbers, a four wheel breaking system, and break and turn lights. It also has a long lasting 48 volt battery that will get you around the course a few times. You can also customize the interior of the car to your liking.

Pennwick F5: 20,500



This is the sportiest golf cart that is offered by Penwick. It is aerodynamic and features glossy red paint that gives it the resemblance of a Ferrari. This golf cart features a wide variety of customization.. You can get a gas powered version or, you can get leather seats, and you can even get a top of the line stereo system to listen to tunes in while you hit the links.

Gotham Golf Cart: $28,500



This might be a little over the top for some, but this just looks soooo cool! The “Golfmobile” is the name of this cart, it has rocket launches and can go over 200 mph… JUST KIDDING! No.., but it does go 38 mph and drives like a dream thanks to its 4-link rear suspension. So if you want to fight crime and golf at the same time then this is the cart for you.

Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft: $58,000



This is one of Bubba’s toys, and yes he has many toys.. This is a custom build that Bubba had done by a Indian based company called Neoteric Hovercraft. The hovercraft has 4 seats and can really go fast. The engine has 65 horse power and can travel up to speeds of 65 mph!

Mercedes Vision Golf Cart Prototype



This futuristic golf cart was designed by Mercedes in 2013. The cart is a street legal vehicle and is controlled by a joystick system. The prototype also features a touch-screen controlled media system that has a button that you can hit that sounds a alarm that yells “Fore” that alerts other golfers of your incoming golf ball. SO COOOOOOL….

Floyd Mayweather’s Bentley Golf Cart



Floyd bough this cart for his son on his 15th birthday. I wish I got this on my 15th birthday, all I got was a t-shirt or something like that. I guess it really pays off when your pops has $300 million in the bank. The specs of this cart are unknown but it is expected that the cost of this golf cart is somewhere in the 20K realm.

Bob Hope’s Golf Cart



This cart has been around since the 60’s and has been restored several times. Bob Hope used to cruise around the course in this and trust me it got noticed. This cart was recently sold to charity to raise money for the Bob Hope Foundation.


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