11 Most Exclusive Golf Courses In America


Locust Hill



This course is in Rochester, NY and was built in 1925. The course was originally founded by a group of business men who wanted a course of their own. They bought just over 50 acres of farm land and designed a course. The course quickly got so popular that they had to buy more land and hire a new architect. Today Locust Hill is one of the most exclusive and best courses in America.

Oakmont Country Club


Oakmont CC is located in Oakmont, Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburgh. The course is also an old one! It was founded in 1903 and is a really unique course for its location. Oakmont has nearly no trees or water. The course does have a ton of challenging sand traps though, the course boasts nearly 200 total sand traps…WOW!

Liberty National Golf Club



This course is in Jersey City just outside of New York City and features breath taking views of the NYC skyline. This course was built not too long ago in 2006 and is super long, spanning nearly 7,500 feet. What makes this course really unique is that is was built on top of a landfill.

Sherwood Country Club



This is a long standing private club that is extremely exclusive. It is the oldest course in the state of California and was built way back in 1904. This course is maybe the best design of Jack Nicklaus ever. It is extremely challenging with water and crazy slope changes that will challenge any golfer.

National Golf Links of America



National Golf Links of America is a links style golf course that is located in South Hampton, NY. The Course is exclusively private and was established in 1911. It is a challenging golf course that is nearly 7,000 feet long.  National Golf Links of America borders two other exclusive clubs, Shinnecock Hill Golf Club and Sebonack Golf Club.

Bighorn Golf Course



This is an amazing California course that was built in 1991. It features a 40,000 square foot club house and membership includes access to an elite spa and a one of a kind wellness center. Bighorn has 7 dining facilities and a premium steak house restaurant. Membership costs $300,000 to join and roughly $2,000 monthly dues.

Loblolly Pines Golf Club



Loblolly Pines Golf Club is located in Juniper Florida just about a mile away from the houses of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. This course is absolutely breath taking. While playing you are right next to wild life refuges and membership features docking for your yacht. The course also has 2 heated pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, fitness facility, and badminton ball courts to keep their members fully submerged in all that loblolly Pines has to offer.

Pine Valley Golf Club



Pine Valley Golf Club is in Pine Valley New Jersey and is one of the most elite golf courses on this list by far. First off you have to be a male to become a member here. Secondly you have to be invited by another member to become a member. Thirdly their is only about 900 members total… This course is also very challenging will narrow fairways, elevated greens and numerous hazards.

Augusta National



Augusta is one of the best courses on the planet and is extremely exclusive. It is so exclusive and so hard to play that its difficult to even get tickets to watch the Masters at Augusta. Members of this course include some of the richest people on the planet like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. To become a member here you have to be invited to be a member by another member. This course used to be male only, but it now has only a handful of women members that include the likes of Condoleezza Rice.


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