11 Of The Most Extreme Golf Holes On Earth


These golf holes are the craziest on earth. If you get to play just one of these than you are a lucky person. These holes are the best of the best from all over the world.

Legend Golf and Safari Resort, South Africa



This course has a total of 19 holes. This hole is number 19, each of the holes are designed by a legend of the game. This whole is the longest and highest par 3 in the world.

Four Seasons, Mexico




This golf is just beautiful! the entire whole boarders the pacific ocean, the name of the whole is the “Tail of the Whale.” This whole isn’t just beautiful, but it is also very hard, it is 170 yards and is surrounded by water and rocks.

Coeur d’ Alene Resort Golf Course, Idaho USA



This course has won so many trophies for being beautiful… This hole is the 14th par 3 hole where you target a floating green. That’s right this green doesn’t stay still it moves around. So on top of having to hit a green that is surrounded by water you also have to hit a moving target.

The Elfego Baca, New Mexico USA



This hole is 7,000 feet above sea level and it tests your accuracy skills. The green is only 50 feet wide and you tee off 3 miles from the green. It sounds impossible to get a hole in one, but a few golfers have been able to get good scores. The best score on this hole is 9 and their are a lot of people who have scored in the 80’s on this hole.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand



New Zealand has some of the most spectacular natural sights. This par 71 course stretches over 6,500 meters and proves to be a challenge for all skill levels. The most notable hole is number 15 and features a 140 meter cliff drop off and to the left of 15 has deep stunning caverns.

Old Head Golf Links, Ireland



The par 4 18th is one of the most picturesque golf holes in the world. This course is home to some of the finest golfers in the world as well. To score well on this hole you have to avoid the ocean and the major gorge that shoots up out of the ocean. This hole is just absolutely gorgeous!

Brickyard Crossing Golf Course, Indiana USA



This course is designed by Pete Dye who is one of the best course designers out there. Holes 7-10 are right next to the Indianapolis Motor Racetrack. To play certain holes you actually have to go on the racetrack. I had no clue you could design a golf course that is connected to a racetrack.

Dunkerque Golf Course, France



This is a very unusual golf course which has very interesting geometric shapes throughout the course. The most interesting hole features a green that is shaped like a heart and shoots out into a lake.

Nullarbor Links, Australia



Most rounds of golf only take about 4 hours but this round of golf might take you weeks. This course is huge, it spans 848 miles and encompasses 18 different towns. Instead of a cart to play this course you might want to consider a small plane..


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