13 Celebs That GOT GAME!


Jon Hamm – 14 Handicap



The Mad Men star started playing golf at the young age of 10. He was introduced to the game from his grandfather. His grandfathers friend built a course in Southern Missouri and Don Draper learned how to play on that course.

Jack Nicholson – 12.5 Handicap



Jack took up the game pretty late in life, he started playing the game at the ripe old age of 50. Their are a couple of interesting Jack Nicholson golf stories floating out their. One of them involves jack buying a $75,000 set of golf clubs and another involves Jack getting mad at a car that cut him off and smashing the guys window in with a golf club.

Sylvester Stallone – 11.4 Handicap



Rocky isn’t just a great boxer and body builder Sly also has game on the golf course. Sly picked up the game only 2 years ago and his handicap is already as low as 11.4. He practices his game in between filming his movies, he also practices at home where he has a golf net.

George Lopez – 10.9 Handicap


There are rumors out their that George has been known to steal a joke or two, hopefully he isn’t stealing strokes to because he has a pretty good handicap. But his  handicap is probably legit because he has been playing golf for a long time and he is a all around golf nut. He picked up the game when he was 12. He would grab a club in his backyard and hit lemons that had fallen off his parents lemon tree.

Wayne Gretzky – 10.6 Handicap



Gretzky better have a low handicap his son in law is Dustin Johnson. But just like a lot of other people Gretzky was introduced to the sport by one of his relatives who gave him an old set of his clubs. Today Gretzky plays the game a lot, he plays with his son in law and he also plays in a number of competitive tournaments.

Mark Wahlberg – 8.7 Handicap



Mark is a golf nut! He has an amazing golfing mecca in his backyard. He has full holes to practice on and a number of practice greens to sharpen his putting and chipping on. Every single morning and every single night Mark plays golf in his backyard with his kids, he appreciates the opportunity he has to spend time enjoying the game with them.

Matthew McConaughey – 8.6 Handicap



ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT… According to the Golf Channel Matthew has had 4 aces in his lifetime.

Bill Murray – 7.2 Handicap



Bill is seen at celebrity golf tournaments throughout the year and his golf game is no joke, this guy has game! Bill has been around golf his whole life, in fact when he was a kid he was a caddy and that is were his game started.

Samuel L. Jackson – 6.9 Handicap



Samuel L. Jackson is a certified golf nut if their has ever been one. Right now Samuel L. Jackson’s handicap is at a 6.9 but when he was at his best it was at a 4.9. Samuel is so into golf that he can not go without it for any reason at all. When he is filming a movie he has written into his contract that he has to be allowed time during his filming to golf.



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