13 Things That Prove PGA Players Are Loaded


Tiger’s Backyard



To stay on top of your game a back yard practice facility is clutch and his practice facility is second to none. I mean look at this place you have water in both directions! Could it get any sweeter? He has full holes to practice on and numerous sand traps and greens to strengthen his game.

Trophy Room



Rory has the right idea here. He has a lot of victories, but he is definitely looking towards the future. He has a lot of space for future trophies so he must know in his heart that he has a lot of dominating to do. GO RORY!

Backyard Water Activities



Rickie has the right idea here! In his backyard he can just grab a paddle board and go exploring around Florida. Watch out for the Crocodiles Rickie!

Movie Time



And most of these guys have a theater room. Forget the boring 40 inch plasma TV’s these guys have huge theaters in their homes where they can watch the latest movies or study some film on their golf game. So Amazing!

Basketball Court



Hunter must be a athlete because he has a extremely beautiful basketball court in his house. Whats the deal Hunter, do you kick your friends butts in golf then invite them in for a friendly game of HORSE. Man these guys got it good!




When you have a house with 4 garages I guess you have to fill it up with something. And these guys do! Their are some car nuts on tour like Ian Poulter and Bubba Watson. These guys definitely don’t skimp on their wheels. Bubba is rolling around in Teslas and Ian has a Ferrari collection that anyone would swoon over.

Pimped Out Golf Carts



At his home in San Diego Phil Mickelson has quite the golf cart. Can you image playing 18 and being able to watch Sports Center the whole time? These guys really get creative when it comes to spending their money! Can you blame them though? They have so much money they have to do something with it…

Jordan Spieth Negotiation Room



Jordan has been signing a lot of checks lately, so why not create a nice and luxurious room just for that. Jordan Created a beautiful room where he can just have negotiations and sign big checks from Under Armour.

Wine Cellar



And most of these guys don’t just settle for a couple bottles of wine in their cribs they have to have a dedicated cellar just for that.

Workout Room



Why go to the gym to work when you can just walk to another room in your house to lift some weights? Back in the day pros would never work out, they thought it was good for their golf game… That is an excuse I still use today.. haha… But nowadays a lot of these guys like Tiger and Jason Day work out every single day sometimes they even work out numerous times a day so this luxury might even be a necessity.

Dustin Johnson



Dustin loves the water so much that he has his own boat and boat dock right next to his house. Must be nice to be Dustin.. Being married to Gretzky’s kid and just winning his first major and he has a boat!! I’m Jealous!




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