19 Crazy Travel Hacks That You Have to Try to Believe!


Whether you are heading around the world or across your home state, traversing the planet can be both exciting and invigorating. Every single day, millions of people around the planet will leave their homes behind to enjoy travel for both business and pleasure. Whether you are looking to book an upscale hotel at a discounted price or merely save money on your trip, the life hacks that we have curated can help you get the job done.

Today, we will be looking closely at 19 life hacks that can make your trip a breeze!

Free Water at the Hotel Gym

If you are truly looking to save money, consider doing it by not paying for beverages. If you are staying at a hotel with an in-house gym, there is likely a filtered water fountain available in your building. This water tastes delicious and is completely free. Keep your travel bottle handy and refill as needed.

Land a Discount With Extended Stays

Did you know that hotel chains like long-term residents? Some hotels will offer significantly discounted rates on long-term and extended stays. This will obviously vary chain by chain, so make sure to inquire after extended-stay discounts before booking your stay. 

Unload With Ease By Using a Hanger

If you are familiar with the struggle of unloading luggage into a hotel room, you know how annoying locked hotel doors can get.  Keep your hotel door propped open for easy back-and-forth travel by simply using a hanger and your hotel closet. This is a simple way to make a hard part of your day a bit easier.

Get Rid of that Funky Hotel Smell

Even in the finest of hotels, a certain funky scent can linger. Whether you can smell your neighbor’s take-out or the age of your hotel room, consider bringing in a car air freshener to solve the issue. Merely clip your air freshener onto the air conditioning unit before turning on the machine. You’ll quickly enjoy a fresher smelling and more tolerable room.

Keep Your Luggage Clean, Keep Away From Bedding

Hotels are notorious for being bed bug havens. Bed bugs love to ride home with hotel guests after their stay. In order to minimize your potential for bed bug problems, consider looking over the bed before placing your luggage near it. Many folks place their luggage right on the bed, opening up the perfect opportunity for bed bugs to climb aboard.

Keep Soap Under Your Sheets

While staying at a hotel people have a lot of issues relaxing and getting to sleep. Dr Oz says that you can put a bar of lavender soap under your sheets to relax you and help you sleep. Try this tip today to have a wonderful night sleep at the next hotel you are staying in.

Stop Doors From Slamming With a Rubber Band

Sometimes when you travel for business, you are forced to stay with a roommate. If you find that your roommate opens and closes the door loudly, consider attaching a rubber band to both ends of the doorknob. This rubber band will allow the door to close and lock while softening the sound of the slam.

Coins in the Sink = Clean Laundry

When you travel and stay in hotels, finding a place to wash your clothing can be difficult. Rather than break your bank on room service laundry, consider grabbing some spare change and a plastic bag. Plug your hotel sink before filling it with hot water and soap. Simply clean your clothing and hang it to dry.

Nifty Room Speaker For Morning Showers

It isn’t exactly polite to blast your music while staying at a hotel. Still, if you need a pick-me-up to get you going in the morning, consider setting your phone in a clean coffee mug. Most hotel rooms have coffee mugs on hand and the material acts as a great amplifier. Your music will be loud but not so loud as to be annoying.

No Charger? No Problem.

Is there a feeling worse than realizing that you forgot your wall charger at home? Don’t be too concerned, most modern televisions have a USB slot on the backside of the machine. You can use these USB ports to charge any device that charges its battery via USB. Keep in mind that you might need to leave your device charging for a longer period of time.

Book a Hotel Near Your Airport

If there is one life hack that you should abide by its the idea of staying near your departure airport. If you can book a late-night arrival and early morning departure, landing a hotel near the airport will feel like hitting jackpot. You will be able to get in and out of your hotel while maximizing the amount of sleep and relaxation that you can enjoy.

Find a Charger at the Front Desk

Let’s say that you’ve completely forgotten your phone charger. You don’t have your cable or wall charger with you! Instead of purchasing an expensive charger from the hotel gift shop, consider heading to concierge services to inquire after any abandoned chargers. Hotels rack up piles upon piles of forgotten chargers.

Leave a Tip For Room Service

Let’s get this straight, you don’t have to leave a tip for the people cleaning your hotel room. With that being said, it never hurts to show appreciation for the people in charge of keeping your room clean. Leave a couple of bucks on the bedside table with a thank-you note and watch as your service improves.

Skip the Hotel Mini Bar Every Time

There is no bigger rip-off in the modern hotel than that of the minibar. While the hotel minibar may tempt you with alluring treats in a convenient location, you will end up paying dearly for the gratification. Hotel minibars are notoriously overpriced and they can quickly put a damper on your day. Head to the local CVS for your snacking needs.

Boost Humidity In Your Room With a Towel

If you enjoy having the humidity boosted in your room, most hotel rooms will leave you out of luck. With that being said, you can quickly add a boost of humidity to your room by dampening a towel and placing it next to your heater. We suggest using the supplied luggage rack for your towel holder and humidity booster.

Stop Leaking Toiletries Forever

If you’ve ever opened your luggage to an exploded container of mouthwash, you know our pain. Instead of ruining your vacation because of a leaking bottle, prevent the problem altogether. Merely seal your toiletries with a segment of plastic wrap between the lid and the bottle opening. Your seal will hold while you travel and you will be able to rest easy the entire time.

Muffle Annoying Hallway Noise

Booking a hotel room in a busy area can lead to mountains of frustration. Who wants to hear people come and go down the hallway every couple of minutes? In order to dampen the noise, consider laying a few of your hotel towels underneath the crack of your door. This isn’t a flawless solution, but the effect will improve your ability to sleep by dampening noises from the hall.

Explore Price Matching Guarantees

Do you typically shop around for hotels before booking your stay? If so, you likely are aware of price-matching guarantees. For those not aware of this service, consider shopping around rates with hotels that promise to satisfy all price-matching offers. In doing so, you can save a significant amount of money on your trip.

Portable Room Cooler For Late Night Relaxing

Every adult has thrown a party in their hotel room before. If you want to have a convenient night of drinking and relaxing with your loved ones, consider using the bathroom garbage can as an icebox. Fill it with ice from down the hall and now you’ve got a handy room cooler!

Limit Your Exposure to Germs

Anything that the human hand touches can be considered one of the dirtiest things in your hotel room. The television remote control is by no means an exception. Limit your exposure to gross germs by placing your remote control inside of a clean plastic bag. Now, you can use your television controller without any concern!


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