Car Enthusiast Finds Rare ’68 Ford Mustang, Discovers Disturbing Secret Inside.


When you are an avid car enthusiast, you will do anything to get your hands on a ’68 Ford Mustang. One of the most popular pony cars of all time, this model was thriving in the late 60s and early 70s as the car to be spotted in. Fast forward to a sunny summer afternoon in 2017 and a man named Zach Taylor. Taylor had been looking all over the internet for a ”68 Fastback Mustang when he finally got his hands on one. Only, this automobile purchase would feature something a little… disturbing.

Keep on reading to learn of the disturbing discovery made inside of a rare ’68 Ford Fastback Mustang!

The Avid Car Collector

Our story starts with a man named Zach Taylor. Taylor had grown up loving cars and collecting them whenever possible. As the star of our story, this adventure begins when Taylor discovered a 6’8 Fastback Mustang on the internet in relatively good condition. 

A Legendary Vehicle

In order to appreciate this story, we really have to underline the importance of the Ford Mustang. Created by Lee Iacocca, the Ford Mustang would quickly take over car culture throughout America. As a more affordable version of the ultra-fancy sports cars of the time, the Ford Mustang was an immediate hit.

Welcomed at the World Fair

Long before Zachary Taylor ever made his disturbing discovery, the Ford Mustang would make its introduction at the World’s Fair in New York back in 1964. Following its debut at the World’s Fair, the Mustang would earn pop-culture clout thanks to its featured role in the Hollywood films, Thunderball andGoldfinger.

The Story Begins

Now that we are armed with a proper understanding of the Ford Mustang, we can begin our story. This journey actually begins with a man named James. James belonged to the Facebook group, Mustang Fan Club and it was there that he would purchase a ’69 GT Mustang.

Passing On

While James is the beginning of our story, not much is known about him. We do know that James would end up passing away before leaving his vehicle behind. The Mustang would end up rotting in a field on James’ old property, sitting beneath a Florida tree for almost 40 years. With James gone, the car needed to be claimed.

Selling the Car

Ultimately it came down to a fella named Bruce, the manager of the aforementioned Mustang Fan Club, to purchase the car from James’ family. Bruce wanted to restore the vehicle after relocating it to Georgia from James’ Florida residence. This is the part of our story where Zach Taylor steps onto the stage.

The Car Sells Again

Bruce would quickly realize that restoring the ’69 Mustang was beyond his skill and budget. Bruce didn’t want to let the car sit and rot in his garage, so he began to list the vehicle online for yet another buyer to look at. This is where Zach Taylor would come into play. Zach would communicate with Bruce online before deciding to see the vehicle in person.

Hidden Gem

When Zach arrived at Bruce’s residence to look at the car, he quickly realized what he was looking at. While the car was in incredibly rough shape, Zach could see that the foundation of a great vehicle was still there. With a little bit of work, Zach knew that he could turn this vehicle into something to cherish. Bruce briefly detailed the history of the car and that was that.

A Disturbing Discovery

While Zach was okay with the car having been owned by a recently deceased individual, he didn’t realize what that story would mean. While Zach and Bruce were looking at the vehicle, Zach would come across something quite unbelievable: a glass mason jar filled with mysterious powder. What was in this jar? Why was the jar labeled, “James”?!

That’s James

When Zach inquired about the jar to Bruce, he received a stunning response. With a flippant attitude, Bruce would claim, “That’s James.” What did that mean? Well, it meant that Zach was looking at the cremated remains of the former owner of the vehicle. The jar contained James’ body!  

Weirder and Weirder

While Zach was spooked by the cremated remains, he didn’t let it put him off completely. Zach and Bruce would strike up something akin to friendship as they stayed in contact throughout the next year. During that time, Bruce would call or text Zach over 50 times. To say that this was a weird situation would be an understatement!

Coming Back to Purchase

A year later, the car still sat in Bruce’s garage. Zach knew that he was ready to buy the vehicle, cremated remains be damned. Zach would offer Bruce a price of $7k with the sole caveat that the jar of remains had to stay with the vehicle at all times. Zach didn’t feel like arguing, so the deal was struck. After all, wouldn’t you accept this weird stipulation for a heck of a deal?

Another Sale

Just like Bruce before him, Zach would take the vehicle home with the intention of restoring it. It would take Zach a few days to realize that even he was unable to properly restore the vehicle without a larger budget. Instead, Zach installed new hubcaps before thoroughly cleaning the entire vehicle. Zach would go on to list the car on eBay.

A Buyer Emerges

Zach would immediately find a buyer by way of Colin Budden, the owner of a Facebook page named Corner Classics Facebook. As it turned out, Colin lived on the Isle of Wight all the way across the Atlantic. Colin was a restoration geek who loved to get his hands on promising cars, so he knew he had to buy Zach’s vehicle!

Gaining Media Attention

By this point in time, the story of a ’68 Mustang and the former owner’s cremated remains had begun to make the media rounds. The mainstream media would catch the story before launching Zach and Colin to semi-stardom. The Corner Classics team enjoyed the attention and decided to embrace it, cataloging their restoration progress online.

Embracing the Story

The Corner Classics team knew that they wanted to incorporate the semi-mythical story surrounding the car into their restoration. As a result, Colin and his team would meticulously catalog their restoration process while sharing hilarious photos like this one on Facebook. Colin’s team would release a statement to the press saying, “It’s taking very careful consideration and is to be done as respectfully as possible.”

Not Quite Road Ready

At the time of this writing, Budden and the Corner Classics team are still working on restoring the mythical vehicle. According to Colin, the cremated remains of James sit in his office, right on the corner of his desk. Why Colin took to the story as he did could be anyone’s guess, but we’re glad he’s sharing it with all of us!

The Haunted Car

We are now years down the line after James’ untimely passing. The ’68 Mustang that he left behind is still unfinished. The vehicle has passed the hands of three owners and still is not road-ready. Is the car cursed? Will it ever see the road again? How did James pass away? While this is a fascinating story, we are left with more questions than answers!


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