7 Golfers That Are Shredded


Camilo Villegas



Camilo is such a workout nut that when he bought his house in Jupiter, Florida his first change to the house was making his basement look like a 24 hour fitness gym. He says every single morning he wakes up and gets going in the gym, Camilo says he isn’t the kind of guy to wake up and hit the snooze button, he gets up and gets after it at his home gym.

Tiger Woods



Tiger is such a workout nut that some people theorize that his over working out might have made him injury prone. At one time Tiger would workout so hard that he would train with Navy Seals and he would run numerous miles with a weighted vest… This dude is intense!

Rory Mcllroy

Rory Mcilroy working out in gym


Rory is no longer the scrawny curly haired kid that we remember from the past.. Today Rory is shredded! His workout routine is intense, he works out just about every single day and his workout routine is focused on muscle gains and not so much muscle tone.

Jason Day



Their is a good reason why Jason Day is smashing the ball by his competition. Jason has made amazing gains at the gym. His workout mainly focuses on his core. He has been working so hard lately that he’s seen a 800 percent improvement in dynamic core flexion strength.

Gary Player



Age doesn’t matter for Gary Player! He works out like he is 19 years old. Gary Player wakes up every single morning and does 1000 push ups and 1000 sit ups. Player is so proud of his physique that he goes around on the golf course and asks people to punch him in the gut to prove how strong his stomach is.

Natalie Gulbis



TV shows these golfers walking around the course and hitting the golf ball, but it doesn’t show how hard these athletes work out. Natalie is one of those LPGA golfers that really put in a lot of work at the gym. Her work out regimen revolves around strengthening her core and toning her back and arms so that she can continue to be a dominate force on tour.

Jordan Speith



Jordan is another golfer who takes his gym time very seriously. He might look skinny but he can dead lift a whooping 380 pounds. His workout regimen focuses on core strength and lower body strength.


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