7 Things to Know About Tiger and Amanda Dufner


Tiger’s Agent Denied the Affair


When Tiger’s agent starting to hear the media buzz about a possiblity that Amanda and Tiger are dating he shot the story down right away. He said “Absolutely 100 percent false. Complete lie and fabrication.”

Not Clear Why Jason and Amanda Dufner Got Divorced 



It really was a huge surprise when the 2 got divorced. No one knew about their issues. Prior to the divorce Jason was on Howard Stern bragging about how great his marriage was going.

Amanda Deleted Her Instagram Account



Amanda would always flood her instagram feed with photos of what she was doing day to day. And then after her divorce she deleted it… That is a huge red flag.. Maybe she was trying to keep her affair more private by deleting something like an istagram account, which was exposing her day to day routines..

Amanda Moved Near Tiger



Amanda moved to the same area that Tiger is living in. Following her divorce with Jason she bought a house in Juniper Florida right next to Tiger Woods. That is super shady if you ask me. Of all the places on this huge earth to pick the spot right next to Tiger Woods is quite to coincidence.

Tiger Cheated On Lindsey Vonn?

The Masters - Par 3 Contest


There are stories out their that says Tiger broke up with Lindsey because he slipped up and had an affair on the road. It is said that Tiger cheated on Lindsey when he was in San Diego after the Farmers Open. Tiger told Lindsey about the affair and they broke up shortly after that.

Tiger Flew Amanda to the US Open



Rumors have it that Tiger flew Amanda to Chambers Bay in Seattle for a practice round. Now this is just way too fishy! Something is going on here. Either they are good friends or something is going on, but the fact that no one from either party has came forward to talk about their friendship or whatever it is is just weird and makes me suspicious that something is for sure going on.


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