9 Famous PGA Golfers That Got Divorced


Jason Dufner and Amanda Dufner



Their are a lot of rumors swirling around this former relationship. This divorce came out of nowhere. No one knew these two were having a rocky marriage. Everything seemed on the up and up, Jason just won the PGA Tour Championship and all reports had them happy. But since their divorce their has been rumors going around that Tiger and Amanda might be dating, but their are a lot of people in Tigers camp that say thats BS. Tiger’s agent said their is absolutely zero truth to the rumors that Tiger and Amanda have something going on. But who knows Tiger has kept secrets before.

Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren



Nobody really knew what was going on in this marriage before Tigers mistresses scandal. Tiger is a really private guy and he never talks about friends or family so the press didn’t know the exact dynamics of this relationship, but now we know this marriage didn’t work out. Tiger cheated on Elin for just about the whole marriage. Elin got wind of this of course because it was all over the news and she divorced Tiger. Elin is dating now and is back living in her country. She also got a pretty good divorce settlement out of the deal.

Will MacKenzie and Allie MacKenzie



Allie was married to Will who is a PGA tour pro. Their are some rumors out their of why they got divorced. It is rumored that Dustin Johnson broke up this marriage. The rumor is that Dustin slept with Allie while she was married, but Allie has stated that happened while she was separated from Will.

Fred Couples and Deborah Couples

Fred and Deborah Couples


Fred is an easy going California guy and that is why this shocked me. Fred and Deborah got married in 1981 and divorced in 1991. It is not exactly clear why they got divorced, but Deborah Couples took her own life in 2001. Deborah was suffering from severe depression at the time. Fred got remarried in 1998 and divorced again in 2009. He now has a girl friend that he met on tour, her name is Nadine Moze

Greg Norman and Chris Evert



Chris was Greg’s second wife. These two were quite the power couple, Chris was a star tennis player who won Wimbledon in her prime and Greg is one of the best golfers to ever live. Chris divorced Greg following news that he was having an affair with his interior decorator. Greg Norman then remarried following his divorce to Evert with interior designer Kirsten Kutner.

Lee Westwood and Laurae Westwood



Lee Westwood is one of those great golfers that have done just about everything on tour but win a major. It was announced back in 2014 that Lee was divorcing from Laurae following a number of arguments. Lee is now dating Helen Storey, 38 who is a former model.

Colin Montgomery and Gaynor Montgomery 



Gaynor is Monty’s second wife and she wants a cold $5 million in the divorce. Gaynor strongly believes that Monty cheated on him with 3 other ladies. And she went on to say that one of the mistresses had relations with him right before and after his marriage in 2008.

Mike Weir and Bricia Weir



Mike attended BYU where he met his wife Bricia. He said he was blown away by her the first time they met. That didn’t last though because later in their relationship they got a divorce. Mike was so bummed out about his divorce that he took time off from the PGA Tour to cope with the pain.


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