9 Golf-Crazed Celebrities


Charles Barkley



When it comes to bad celebrity golfers you typically think of Charles Barkley. His swing is the weirdest out their by far. When you get a chance make sure you google his swing if you haven’t already, it is soooo scary.

Snoop Dogg



This may come as a shock, but snoop loves to golf. Seeing Snoop on the golf course is a long way from his roots as a member of the street gang the Crips. Snoop isn’t  a terrible golfer either, he actually has a 18 handicap.

Sugar Ray Leonard 



Leonard was the first boxer ever to earn $100 million in purse winning and is now retired. His main focus nowadays is golf. Leonard has a 15 handicap and was also one of the stars of the Haney Project. Leonard also has a few tournaments that he hosts every year to benefit charities that he is involved in.

Bill Murray



Bill Murray is a huge golf nut. He is one of the stars of the most iconic golf movie of all time, “Caddy Shack” and on top of that he has a pretty good golf game. Every year Bill plays at Pebble Beach’s Pro Am tournament. Bill has a handicap of 8 and last year he won the Pr0-Am at At&T Pebble Beach.

Alice Cooper



This is by far one of my favorite stories about someone taking up golf. When Alice was in his mid 30’s he had a huge alcohol addiction problem. He would wake up in the morning and crack a beer. One morning he woke up and puked blood, following that he knew that if he continued to drink he would die. Alice quit drinking by playing two rounds of golf every single day with a golf instructor. He substituted a habit that was killing him with a habit that saved his life and made him a healthier person. Today Alice is one heck of a golfer with a handicap of 7.

Mark Wahlberg



Mark Wahlberg is an avid golfer. Their is even a episode of Entourage were Tom Brady and him play against Johnny Drama and Turtle. Mark is one of the best golfers on this list with a 7 handicap.

Justin Timberlake



Just is bringing golf back!.. Justin is such a huge lover of golf that he bought a course in his home town of Memphis. He says he relates golf to music because the golf swing is very rhythmic. There is a certain tempo to it he says, just like in music. Justin is one heck of a golfer with a 6 handicap.

Samuel L Jackson



Are you aware of how many lives golfing has saved? Samuel L Jackson is another golfer who used to have a substance problem. He credits golf for helping him be sober. Mr. Jackson loves golf soooooo much that he has a clause in his movie contracts that states that he must be allowed to play golf during the production of the film.

Michael Jordan



MJ has a 1.5 handicap making him hands down the best golfer on this list. He is such a competitive golfer that he has played golf on the amateur circuits with some of the best amateurs in the world. Jordan started playing golf when he was in college. He is a member of 13 private golf courses and has more than 40 sets of golf clubs. MJ plays so much golf that he averages 36 holes every single day.


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