A Running List of the Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein


Just a few weeks ago Harvey Weinstein was considered one of the most successful and powerful men in Hollywood.  Over the course of his career, he was responsible for a number of major motion pictures that have done well at the box office and with critics.  However, over the past few weeks more and more women have come forth accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.  Many of these women include some of the most successful women in show business, each of which had their own terrifying account.


Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd has been one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood over the past few decades.  In that time she was in a number of successful films, including Kiss the Girls, which was produced by Weinstein.  Judd was one of the first women to come forward about Weinstein’s advances describing in detailing a harassing incident in a hotel over 20 years ago.


Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan is a successful actress that is well known for a range of different successful movies over the past 20 years.  McGowan revealed that she was assaulted by Weinstein in 1997.  She ultimately pursued a civil case against him and settled out of court, although Weinstein continues to deny the incident.


Asia Argento

Asia Argenton is an actress that has worked in several Weinstein films.  She stated that she was coerced and harassed by him after he invited her to come up to her hotel room, even though it was supposed to be for a professional meeting.  She stated that she felt terrified and scared the entire time and he refused to listen to her.


Mira Sorvino

Another actress that has been harassed and assaulted by Weinstein was Mira Sorvino. Sorvino stated that he showed up to her apartment one day and convinced her to let him inside.  Sorvino claimed that she rejected Weinstein’s very forward advancements, even though he was married at the time to his assistant.


Emma de Caunes

Emma de Caunes is a very popular French actress who also was coerced into going to a hotel room leased to Weinstein.  Once inside the hotel room, he quickly became very forward and tried to coerce her into a physical relationship.


Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette is another actress with a very similar story in which Weinstein requested her attendance to a hotel room. Once she arrived, he immediately tried to pursue a physical relationship with her.  When she denied him, he was instantly angry and threatening towards her.


Jessica Barth

Jessica Barth stated that she was applying for a role in an upcoming film.  Prior to filming and casting, she was invited to his room.  While she was in his room, Barth stated that he was trying to convince her to give him a massage in exchange for a role in the movie.


Lauren Sivan 

Lauren Sivan is a successful news reporter and evidence that his harassment did not stop with actresses.  While she was working on a project, she stated that he invited her to his hotel room and immediately began harassing her.


Romola Garai

Romola Garai was working on a project with his company and said that he was instructed to go to his hotel room.  When she went to his room, he answered the door in his robe.  She stated that she felt pressured and terrified by the incident.


Gwyneth Paltrow 

Gwyneth Paltrow may be the best known actress to come forward.  She has been one of the top actresses in the industry for more than 20 years.  However, her incident involving Weinstein came when she was just 22 years old.


Angelina Jolie

Another megastart that has been in a range of projects that involved in the Weinstein Company was Angelina Jolie.  Similar to other actresses that suffered from the harassment, Jolie was harassed by Weinstein while she was in his hotel room.


Dawn Dunning

Dawn Dunning is one of the best nkown costume designers in Hollywood.  During her run in the industry, she has worked on a range of top films and would have no problems finding any work if it came down to it.  However, one evening Weinstein told her that he would not cast her for his next three films unless she agreed to sleep with him.


Heather Graham

Heather Graham has been a very successful actress in Hollywood for more than 25 years.  She stated that she has never had any physical contact with Weinstein, but was harassed verbally by him at one point.  When she was looking for her next role, he made a suggestive comment that she could have one in one of his films if she agreed to sleep with him.  He also stated that he had an open relationship with his wife.


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne also had a hotel room harassment experience with Weinstein.  While she was in his room discussing an upcoming project, she stated that he tried to kiss her.  She was very quick to deny him and was able to get out of the room, but also stated that he was quick to brag about all of the other women in Hollywood that he slept with.


Kate Beckinsale 

Kate Beckinsale  is well known for a number of her past acting roles.  She has been a very popular actress ever since she was a teenager.  In that time period she has stated that she has repeatedly been harassed by Weinstein.  She stated that the first incident occurred before she even turned 18 years old.


Claire Forlani 

Similar to some other actresses, Claire Forlani has stated that Weinstein continuously harassed her for years.  She stated that the harassment took place no less than five times, each of which occurred while she was in his hotel room.  Fortunately, she was able to escape each one of the situations.


Florence Darel

Florence Darel is a popular French actress who has been in a number of movies that have done well in France and the United States.  She stated that she was once working on a project with him and was invited to his hotel suite.  She originally felt safe because his wife was in the room next door.  However, that did not stop him from trying to proposition her and harass her.


Tara Subkoff

Tara Subkoff was once at a party where she met Weinstein.  While she was at the party, she stated that he violently grabbed her and tried to pull her onto his lap.  He also reportedly made a number of suggestive comments to her despite her continued work to deny his advances.


Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly is a very popular actress that has been in a number of very prominent roles.  She stated that Weinstein continued to pursue her despite the fact that he was married and that she was in a relationship.  He continued to try to impress her and get her to change her mind by providing her with very lavish gifts and professional offers.


Eva Green

Eva Green is an actress that also has suffered some harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.  While many of the incidences of other women took place while they were in a hotel room, Green has stated that her incident of harassment actually took place while she was at a business meeting.  When she was meeting with Weinstein in a meeting, he reportedly got so close to her that he had to push her off of him.


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