ACC Takes Its Biggest Championships Out Of North Carolina, Its Home State


Those who follow and love sports know that the organizations that govern such sports have a great deal of clout. The decisions made by such organizations can have far-reaching consequences. This is why sports fans may have been slightly startled to learn about one such organization’s decision to respond to recent changes. The ACC or Atlantic Coast Conference, is one of the most important governing bodies in the entire United States. Officials here are in charge of many important sporting events that delight millions of sports fans each year.

Moving Away
While the ACC is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, officials at the organization have taken a close look at the laws in the state. They have announced that they are choosing to pull their biggest championships from the state. They are going to relocate them elsewhere. This will include eight separate neutral-site championships that are normally held here. Such championships include women’s soccer events of all kinds as well as many swimming meets and diving championships. Other sports that are affected by this decision also include serious and important football events as well as golf championships and baseball tournaments.

Honoring a Commitment
Members of the ACC organization stated to reporters that the fifteen universities here are fully committed to values that they hope will make better for both athletes and fans alike. Such values include equality, diversity, full inclusion and other important ideals. The members of the organization’s council of presidents feel that the state of North Carolina may no longer be living up to the ideals they hope to promote. The new laws that are in place in North Carolina are laws that the organization believes may particularly detrimental to the concerns of their players and their fans. They do not feel that the legislators of this state are doing enough to make sure that gays, lesbians and trans people are being protected here. This is why they are planning to relocate such events in other places for the coming 2016 – 2017 academic year.

Similar to Another Organizational Decision
While the decision to move elsewhere has already been made, those at the ACC are open to coming back to North Carolina in the future should such laws be changed to be more inclusive. The decision they made follows in the footsteps of another highly important sporting organization. Officials at the NCAA recently announced they would be leaving the state. They are going to move seven championships to another state this year. Officials at both organizations have stated they would be happy to consider coming back to North Carolina during the next school year. However, they also stated that this will only come about should state officials agree to create more inclusive laws that can allow all those of all backgrounds and preferences to feel comfortable being in the state. The decisions are expect to cost the state a lot of money from lost fan revenues.


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