Cobra Golf Helps King OS Irons Sweeten Up Further


One of the problems for new golfers and those with a sizable handicap is that regular iron clubs just seem to have an extremely small hitting spot. That in turn makes golfing more of an exercise in frustration than fun because the golfer spends more time fouling up the hit or missing than really enjoying a good distance shot. For many, sweet spot clubs have been the answer, providing a large iron head surface for contact and more consistent contact. That in turn lets the player become more comfortable with hitting, more focused on form, and eventually able to transition over to smaller head irons. Or the player can just enjoy golf outright without worrying about a bad contact, period.

Two decades ago the Cobra OS Irons were the go-to answer for a set of sweet-spot irons, finally escaping decades of unforgiving irons heads thin as knives in a kitchen cutlery set. The Cobra OS design and formula worked so well, the style stuck and remained a stable seller for a good amount of time. Now, Cobra has decided, however, the time is again right for a new release and a revisit of a good idea. The new Cobra King OS Irons fatten up the contact sweet spot even further, going to the limit of what the USGA allows. A key factor in the new design also involves a lower center of gravity in the club head. This is due to the change out of materials in the core of the club, modifying the weight distribution and allowing the head to be bigger in terms of club contact space.

Just in time for Thanksgiving sales and Christmas, the new Cobra King OS Irons will be released in two types: a steel shaft or graphite shaft. Both choices will ring in at about $1,000 to $1,100 for a set, depending on the shaft type chosen. It’s the kind of thing that will get grandpa to jump out of his chair and shimmy down to the local golf store as soon as he sees the shopping ad in the Sunday newspaper.

So yet again, golfers can grind away on the course lanes, churning grass and turf with irons that just make their lives hell, not to mention gain the ire of the course groundskeeper, or they can switch over to a Cobra OS Irons set and get on with their game with ten times the excitement. The new Cobra clubs are guaranteed to turn some heads when they show up on the course, especially when used by someone who wants to get some payback on that frustrating little golf ball that won’t behave itself.


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