Craziest Mini Golf Courses Of All Time!!!



Run To The Chopper!!

This putt putt course is in Myrtle Beach, the mecca of putt putt golf. The story-line at this course involves airplane crashes on a island. I don’t know about you but when my plane makes a crash landing on an island the first thing I want to do is play a nice game of putt putt.


Cosmic Putt Putt

Have you ever had the pleasure of play cosmic bowling? Have you ever heard of cosmic putt putt? Well their is such a thing.. This course is located in South Dakota and features a 3D glasses element. That means that when you play you also wear 3D glasses and you see things pop out in 3D while you are playing. That sounds so amazing!!!


World Traveler Putt Putt

While cosmic golf can be a lot of fun, it hardly compares to a trip around the world. This course is in New York, each hole represents a different nation. This course is also featured on the Travel Channel as a cheap way to travel the world.


The Challenge

I know when I play putt putt I like to be challenged. This course comes from the owners of TopGolf. this course is described as exceptionally challenging… The course has numerous water hazards, sand traps and other obstacles to test your skills.


Putt Putt and Pray

This biblical-themed course is in Lexington Kentucky. There are three courses, the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Miracles course. The Travel Channel has rated this course as one of the best mini golf destinations in America.

Urban Putt Putt


This is a indoor course in San Francisco. The urban indoor course has 14 holes, each hole is designed by a different artist. One hole incorporated an arcade game and another hole is modeled after the board game Labyrinth. This course is very unique and is literally a piece of art.


Hawaiian Rumble Putt Putt

This course is another one from Myrtle Beach. It has 18 holes and hosts the Masters of Miniature Golf tournament annually. The course features a 40 foot tall volcano the erupts throughout the day. On top of having a volcano the course also has live parrots throughout the course.


Golf Gardens

This course is on the Island of Catalina, which is off the coast of Southern California. This course is regarded as one of the toughest putt putt courses in the world. The course is stock full of double ramps and 90 degree angles.


Hidden Valley

This Lakeside, Texas course is tough as heck! It was built on the side of a hill and incorporates natural elements such as a meandering stream and rock gardens. The owner Toni Cowden, says the par 3 fifteenth hole is tough!! Its 51 foot fairway features two humps that players have to navigate before they reach the hole, which site right on top of a mound.


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