Curtis Strange Looks REALLY Silly in This Interview with Tiger Woods During His Pro Debut


Anyone who remembers Tiger Woods’ 1996 debut probably also recalls Curtis Strange’s interaction with the budding star. The journalist was conducting an interview with the then-20-year-old when he attempted to attack Tiger’s confidence.
In the interview, Strange asks Woods what he would view as success during his first golf tournament. The young athlete gets candid by telling the journalist that playing four solid rounds and gaining a victory would be incredible.

Instead of taking Tiger’s confidence as pure optimism, Curtis views the athlete’s hopefulness as arrogance and proceeds to call him out. “A victory,” Curtis begins. “To me, that comes off as a little cocky or brash.” Tiger attempts to clarify his statement before being cut off by Strange who tells him that second or even third place is not so bad in a national tournament. Woods agrees but reiterates the importance of being number one. “I want to win,” the young star says in the video. Curtis then tells the optimistic golf player, “You’ll see” right before writing the interaction off as a joke.

Humor or not, Tiger Woods has definitely shown Strange and all of his doubters that he is the competition to beat. In his career, which has spanned twenty years, Woods has seen more victories than a few and attracted thousands of fans who did not like golf before watching him play. To date, the star golf player has won 79 PGA tour events and 14 majors. Woods has set several records and is presently deemed one of the greatest golfers to take the course.

It was just last year that fans from around the world celebrated Tiger Woods on his fortieth birthday. The Golf Channel aired an hour-long special of Golf Central in which Tiger’s many accomplishments were brought to the forefront. “I think it really does come down to two players in the history of this game,” said Chamblee. ” I think that’s pretty clear between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods,” he added.

Chamblee further explained, “Tiger Woods dominated in a way that had never been done before, and will never be done again. So at least in my estimation, you’d have to give the edge to Tiger Woods as the greatest player of all time.”
The “greatest player of all time” is a far cry from the young and vibrant athlete that was Tiger Woods in 1996. Although he has encountered many doubters and outright haters during his career, Woods has remained true to his original statement that “second sucks and third is even worse.” Curtis Strange is probably regretting his behavior during his and Tiger’s initial interview. The journalist told Tiger that he would see how the game runs, but Tiger has shown Strange and the rest of the world that tenacity conquers all.


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