Depression – Causing Foods & Food Ingredients To Stay Away From

Do you suffer from depression? If you do, then did you know that certain foods can make it a whole heck of a lot worse? It’s no joke. And to give you buy a brief glimpse of some of the ones to watch out for, we’ve included a few below…..

1. Sugar

This one should be the biggest no – brainer of them all, but many still get it wrong. Yes, you can throw in that second piece of cake after dessert, but don’t expect there to not be consequences for doing so. Our advice? Hide the sugar from where you can see it and easily reach out, and leave out some fresh fruit instead, that’s already been washed and ready to eat ; do everything you can to avoid temptation in the first place. And in today’s culture, that would even seem harder than ever since sugar is in almost everything we eat or drink, but it is possible….