Did Dustin Johnson Cause a Divorce?


Dustin Johnson just won the US Open, but before that their were a lot of crazy rumors going around about him. Some of the rumors involved cocaine, other drugs and having sexual relationships with married people. This story is going to dive into one of those rumors.

It has been long rumored on tour that Dustin caused the divorce of Allie and Will MacKenkenzie. Allie is absolutely beautiful and is a former FHM mode. She was asked about the alleged affair and she had some choice words about what went down.



Well to start it did go down. They did hookup, but Allie says that it was when her and Will were separated. That is what she says. She also went on to say that yes Dustin Johnson is a partier and that she was aware of some other rumors surrounding him, like that he hooked up with a nanny of a PGA Tour player and that he supposedly hooked up with another married PGA Tour players wife.


So That kind of clears it up. Dustin is kinda a jerk. Listen I think this guy is amazing at golf, but hes kind of a dummy. He gets busted for cocaine in his system twice and he fools around with ladies that were previously in relationships with PGA Tour players. I don’t know.. I kind of feel like Dustin can get a lot of girls why would he go after girls that have connections with tour players, it kind of seems like a jerk thing to do, but you be the judge.




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