Hank Haney on Tiger Woods


Hank Haney wrote a book about Tiger Woods, called the “Big Miss,” and in that book Haney had some rough things to say about Tiger. He detailed some bad characteristics that Tiger has. He said that Tiger is childish, cheap, walled-in, and reckless.

Haney says Tiger loved potty humor. He says Tiger Woods favorite show was South Park. That is funny considering that pretty recently their was a South Park episode about Tiger Woods and sex addiction. Do you think he is still a fan after that episode? I don’t know.. South Park has ripped apart celebrities a lot worse than they did to Tiger…


Their are numerous reports on Tiger being cheap. This isn’t the first report for sure. But Haney says Tiger was really cheap. He says that Tiger would never pick up a check. Haney said that he always would pick up the bill. Haney says he remembers ordering food numerous times and Tiger would say things like he didn’t have his wallet on him or something like that. Haney said that Tiger thought it was cute to be cheap. It just annoyed the hell out of Haney though. It is also well documented by a lot of Tigers mistresses that he was cheap. One of his mistresses said he would always fly her coach to meet him and that one time she needed $500 to pay for rent one month, but Tiger wouldn’t give it to her… Can you image, you are worth $600 million and you can’t give your girlfriend $500 to keep the lights on…


Haney also went on to say that Tiger is walled-in. He says that Tiger went to great lengths to wall himself in. Stating that everyone around him were yes men… Tiger would also have off the wall security that would not let anyone near him.

He also talked about how Tiger demonstrated reckless behavior. Haney says he had no clue that Tiger was cheating on his former wife, but he points to a lot of other things that demonstrated his reckless behavior. He said that Tiger was infatuated with the Navy Seals and he would train with them. He would go super hard with the Navy Seals!! Their are reports that Tiger would run around in weighted vests like the Navy Seals would do in their training. By doing this Tiger really put his body in jeopardy… His career relied on his ability to swing a golf club and if he was running around with 40 pound vests strapped to his body, that just demonstrates how reckless he was. Their is also another report that Tiger got shot in the knee with a rubber bullet while training with the Seals… Now that is soooo dangerous if you think about it. Tiger has had so many Knee issues in his professional career.


I personally am a Tiger Woods fan.. When he is on TV I for one can not look away. His golf game is memorizing, but I do believe what Haney has to say though. Do I think he should have whored Tiger in his book? Well the answer to that is NO….


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