Have You Ever Heard Of Speed Golf?


Golf can be boring and can take a very long to finish. So a group of people who love the game of golf and want to see it grow have created a new format for the game. What you do is you don’t play 18 holes you only play a total of 6 holes. Once you hit your shot you only have 30 seconds to take your next shot. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Have you ever been on the course and you are having fun, but you think it is taking too long to finish? I have thought sometimes that I just want my round to be over.



Their are a few other rules that come in to play as well. You can only carry at most seven clubs. You can not wear golf shoes, you have to wear regular shoes. And maybe the most unique rule is that you can not have a golf bag or have anything that helps you carry your golf equipment. You must hand carry your seven clubs. The other rules of the game still stand, like if you lose your ball you will incur a one stroke penalty.

Some people are really good at this format and it has become so competitive that their are cash tournaments and people come from all around the globe to compete in them. What do you think people score in these tournaments? Well for one they are done with this tournament within an hour, meaning that their rounds take minutes and not hours. And believe it or not theses guys score sometimes under par scores or slightly over par to take home the cash. That is unbelievable… Maybe if more golfers knew about those low scores they might pick up their pace of play.

Speed golf is different from regular golf in one huge way. When you play 18 hole regular golf you are just trying to shoot the lowest score to win. When you are playing speed golf you are trying to shoot a lower score AND HAVE A LOWER TIME TOO.

Games like speed golf are helping the game grow. Not everyone has time to go out and play 18 holes of golf. 18 holes of golf is a huge commitment. When you commit to 18 holes of golf your pretty much committing to 4 hours. Speed golf gives people that like golf or want to try golf an option. People are trying to grow the game because it is dying unfortunately. Everyday a golf course is closing. Inventing new ways to play the game is great for golf.


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