Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera


The airport is like the Fun House at the local carnival. There is nothing like commotion, peculiar outfits, conflicting food aromas and inventive signs to place you outside of your comfort zone. And in the end, weary passengers are herded through tunnels onto a plane that flies at somewhere around 30,000 feet above the earth – 7 miles high. Relax, though, if you give it a chance, the airport can be the perfect place to wait for a plane and catch a laugh or two, even if it feels as if you are not going anywhere.
Believe it or not, these two sisters are welcoming home a family member who was traveling the world as a professional photographer. Regretfully, this is their idea of a joke – Standing with a giant colorful sign that broadcasts that their sister is coming home after completing a Drug Rehabilitation program. Wonder if their sister will find this prank of theirs, funny?


For those who travel the blue skies with a service animal in tow, check out the airport facility designed for the very necessary, Pet Relief. That is, unless, you prefer the use of shiny red hydrant to that of a white, porcelain toilet. They also include some fake grass and poopy bags to clean up when your pet has finished their business.


Life is always better when you choose the your battles wisely. The pup in the front seat can now reasonably expect that you will stop kicking the seat in front of you; because they have the ‘goods on you.’ It would be wise to meet the dog’s request!


The dachshund airline, Weiner Dog Transport, has finally begun operating both nationally and internationally. This is Captain Weiner heading for the first flight offered by the brand new airline.


It appears that the airport is now home to the world’s largest sushi offerings to chow down. These family sized sushi rolls also help you identify your luggage in the baggage claim area. The question is, where is the soy sauce and wasabi?


Oops. As I was taking a selfie at the airport today, a female airport worker decided to strike a pose. For some unknown reason she thought I was interested in photographing her lovely smile. I was silly enough to snap this gem. What does it say about me?


At an airport-themed wedding, the wedding planner cleverly thought ahead by providing a bag of tissues for the guests attending the ceremony and party in the eMotion Sickness Bag. The bag is also recyclable, and can be used on your flight home from this airport destination wedding should you hit turbulence.


When waiting at the airport because of long delays, or long layovers, your eyes begin to play tricks on you. Call it a modern day mirage. What looked perfectly normal at first, has slowly morphed into a scene from the latest Transformers movie you saw the other day with your 8-year old son.


India, as a nation and culture, has strict food guidelines that must be followed. They do NOT partake in eating any part of the cow, however, more recently; they have outlawed the consumption of any type of carpet. This includes shag carpet, carpet throws and wall-to-wall.


Now here is something a bit eerie. The local airport decided on a new terminal display that offers an environment like you are on the inside of the plane. While the artistic qualities are beautifully shown, one has to wonder why they choose to use a background that provides an underwater backdrop?


A long, lonely stick is revolving around the baggage claim area unclaimed. Who would have thought that this unidentified tree branch was important enough to take with someone across the country? Maybe it belongs to the drug-sniffing dog that will be sitting in front of you or the dachshund pilot, Captain H.D. Weiner.


It looks like Rudolph and company took the night off and left Santa to be screened by these experienced TSA Agents. He doesn’t look happy about it.


The baggage claim is an awesome way to cleverly advertise the local gaming facilities nearby the airport. Kids can also play a guessing game by determining which number their luggage will land on. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


Speaking of clever advertising techniques. The mind behind Mini-Cooper’s recent advertising stunt received tremendous accolades for this addition to the baggage claim area. The new advertising shows that the revolving baggage is directly deposited into the trunk of the Mini Cooper.


Airport Logic 101: The bottle on the left is considered a dangerous item and is strictly prohibited. The bottle on the right (the same exact bottle only placed within a baggie) becomes acceptable for traveling on a airplane and somehow the plastic bag deactivates the potentiality of this dangerous weapon. Go Figure, magic baggies!


Here are my neighbors, the Jones family. On their way to the airport they were fortunate enough to find the annual ‘Buy 1, Get 4 Free Sale’ at the local department store. It is fascinating how these outfits came in so many different sizes.


Yes, this is confusing. A door identified by two conflicting notices. Which do you follow, the Do Not Enter portion of the sign, or the Enter Only portion of the sign?



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