Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe


Everybody has seen T-shirts with clever messages that make laugh or invite people to read it twice to solve their riddles. However, there are also T-shirts that just don’t make any sense. Let’s check biggest T-shirt fails that will make you laugh a lot and (why not?) make your day nicer.

Not Precisely A Graduate

There are some clues that indicate us that this blondie doesn’t invest her time in institutions of higher learning. Let’s be sincere, everyone knows college is spelled with an “e”, and not an “a”. Maybe her cuteness makes nobody held this terrible mistake against her.

Darling, Does This Make Me Look Fat?

This is the question every man dreads to hear. And in case you don’t know, the correct answer is: “No baby, you look awesome,” no matter how bad/good she looks with the garment.

Thanks For The Tip

This girl’s shirt clearly explains what she wants and she is just out of league unless she’s drunk some booze. So, the guys know to stay away until she’s gotten some drinks. Thanks for the tip.

I Don’t Recognize You

This blonde girl reminds us Paris Hilton during her 2000s glory days. However, her shirt confuses with the message “almost famous” with an owl replacing the “o”. Let’s be sincere this time, we don’t know who are you and we don’t care either.

No Password Required

It’s undeniable the deep impact that technology had caused on our lives, especially on the younger generation. They prefer to walk around like zombies just reading and looking at their phones. This shirt is a proof how far this tech dependency has reached.

The Countdown Has Started

When approaching a girl, it’s always hard to find out if she is engaged or not. But this girl’s shirt spells out a bold statement that her muscular boyfriend could be near and makes his presence at any moment. So guys, you better to move fast judging from the grin on her face.

More Accurate Impossible

The old premise that our attitude affects our circumstances more than we realize it’s quite true, so if you think positive, good things will happen. But when this big guy wore a shirt that says, “This really sucks,” maybe he didn’t realize that it would become a prophecy for himself. And this T-shirt cannot be more accurate about getting arrested.

Keep Belieber-ing

Looking at these guys one may wonder if they lost a bet? or Are they just accompanying their excited girlfriends in the concert? Whatever the case, the pink hue of these shirts doesn’t help either and make look these poor victims as a pair of loser fools.

Wishing Death to Minnie

Deadmau5 is a Canadian DJ who is known for wearing a giant mouse head while he’s performing. Moreover, the also uses a logo that’s is similar To Mickey Mouse so he’s been sued by Disney. But this guy makes the worst choice when decided to wear a shirt that makes reference to the DJ during his trip to Disneyland to meet and greet Minnie Mouse.

A Shirt That Perfectly Reflects The Situation

Everybody has made a hasty decision that seems great at the start but ended up with a disaster and then comes the regrets. These guys had a quite experience about that when they tried to take a shortcut in the Everglades only to get stuck in the swamp. Definitely, it’s nice to see how a shirt can reflect the situation.

Evasion Of Reality

Millions of people are affected by anorexia all over the world. This serious disease’s awful effects cannot easily overcome without some help because anorexics have mental barriers that prevent them from eating enough to have a healthy body.

This fat guy thought to make a joke of this disorder could be a great idea by using a shirt that refers to his obese body in a very inaccurate way to then hide the fact that his condition is due to his total failure of willpower.

Not Always You Are What You Wear

Everyone knows that chick magnet can have different meanings: It would be a cute puppy, a super cool sports car, or even a smart guy who is good at talking to women. So, this term cannot be applied to a teenager who spends most of the time seat in his parents’ basement. Although this guy is wearing a T-shirt with such bold statement, when we see his female partner’s face, we are convinced that she is also surprised by that statement.

Hey Ladies, Wait For Your Turn

Here we have another young loverboy who wants to show “his success” with women to the rest of the world. Taking into consideration that he’s walking in the middle of Wal-Mart’s halls wearing a pageboy hat, we really doubt that he could have any success on such pickup spot.

If You Drink A Lot…

Most of the people are clear that “beer goggles” is the moment when someone is drunk, he/she might see people around being more attractive than they really are. In plain words, after some rounds, even the ugliest duckling can be seen as a supermodel. And this guy is just going straight when wears this T-shirt and by looking at the girl next to him, it seems that his strategy might result.

Thanks For The Alert

Before criticizing this woman’s choice for wearing this T-shirt, we honestly think we have to thank her. It’s not a secret that we have been ambushed by surprise when those fetid emissions caught us completely off guard and then we found ourselves trapped in the danger zone. This lady is quite honest and gives people some time before comes the next attack.


This guy shows us the perfect solution for those like him whose have tons of women trying to beat his door to be with him. Of course, it consists wearing a T-shirt which clearly explains to the regular women that they won’t have a chance because this gentleman only dates models.

Warning Ignored

We all know one dumb guy who always being rushed to the emergency room in high school because he tried to jump off from a roof to dive into a pool, or got pissed during a pong match and ended up smashing the table with his bare hand.

But this kid at least admits it. It’s not hard to imagine what the hospital staff, the doctor, and his parents have thought of his shirt choice.

Just Do More Stupid Things

We’ve heard or seen the advertisings, “Just do it,” or “Think different.” This girl’s shirt just shows the opposite with the message, “Think less, stupid more.” So this T-shirt is just telling people to turn off their brains and make stupid things. However, we think that the girl’s decision to wear that shirt is a sad example of that silly message.

Epic Geography Fail

Yes, it’s true that everyone has deficiencies in some subjects, for instance, math for us, geography for some, and foreign languages for others. But there is no excuse for this horrible mistake. The continent portrayed is obviously Africa, however, the shirt has labeled it as “Asia.”

Even if this shirt had written “Africa”, it’s an epic fail of design for a shirt. What is this person want to prove? That he/she knows basic geography?

A Big Confession

Nobody wants to feel the horrible experience of enjoying swimming at a pool when suddenly comes a mysterious warm stream in the water. Then, trying to discover who is guilty but without any results. However, this guy is wearing a shirt with a message that is a walking confession and admits that he is the perpetrator.

But we may wonder, did he lost a bet? Is this a shirt he wears to make some joke? Definitely, this is another case of wardrobe fail.


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