How to Rid Your Home of Flies Forever Using Just a Banana


How to Rid Your Home of Flies Forever Using Just a Banana

There are few things more annoying than being invaded by stubborn pests that do not seem to be going away. Whether it’s a menacing pack of white ants or something as big as mice, the presence and disturbance of pests is not something you want on your plate. You will feel like you are fighting a battle for space in your own home until you finally kick them out.

One of the most annoying and frustrating pest battles is with flies. Having a single one trapped in your house can have you in what feels like a perpetual fight with no end or solution in sight. Fortunately, you can drop the idea that only your trusty fly swatter or an expensive terminator can tackle your fly problem. One of the most efficient methods to rid your home of flies might be sitting in your kitchen right now, and it is easy to do too.

You might not have a lizard or another carnivore in your home to feed on flies once they enter your house and it might not seem like you have a lot of other options to get rid of an attack from flies. They seem to feel right at home when they get in and plant to be permanent guests

Fly strips

One effective alternative to tackle this problem is fly strips. The problem is they are usually too obvious, disgusting and are layered in chemicals. When flies are coated all over it, the fly strip is a gruesome sight to look at, and you probably do not want that hanging around in your house.


You also probably have that handy flyswatter close by but are you prepared to put it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you for when the flies come by or embark on a fly chase all around the house? Even if you can, an entire fly swatting day can only go so far in resolving the infestation problem. The most excellent answer is way easier.

Get a plastic water bottle

To start, you should get your hands on any normal plastic water bottle lying around. The standard size of 24ounces is a good pick, but any other size of a plastic water bottle will serve this purpose just fine.

Get a banana and some sugar

The next items you will need are a banana and some sugar. For the purpose of combatting flies, you don’t want your banana to be too mushy. Its okay if yours is slightly overripe, but a completely mushy banana will serve another purpose better. Maybe put that one aside for a banana bread project.

Get a good pair of scissors

For your final instruments, grab a very good pair of scissors, this will be very necessary for your task. If your pair of scissors is dull, you will have a lot of trouble using it and might even be stuck in your project. Simply go for a sharper and avoid the dull option.

Assemble tools

If you have been successful in gathering all these tools, you have completed that stage, and you are ready to begin. To start, assemble all of your tools in a spot. An ideal spot will be a clean open space with a sturdy surface. A workbench or a clear kitchen countertop will serve perfectly.

Begin by cutting the plastic water bottle

The task to build your flycatcher will commence once you have gathered all your materials in your working space. Using the scissors, and taking precaution not to injure yourself, cut the plastic water bottle into two pieces. The two halves do not have to be equal; they only need to be similar in size.

Cover bottom with sugar

For the next step, cover the base of the water bottle with your sugar. You don’t have to use all the sugar you have for this to be effective, just pour a few spoons of sugar with the aim to cover the bottom of the plastic water bottle completely.

Prepare the banana

The next step involves the star of the show, your banana. You are not going to use the whole banana so you can split it in half right away and save one half for later. Peel the other half of the banana and slice it into even pieces.

Add sliced banana

After nicely cutting up your banana pieces evenly, spread them over the top of the sugar you already coted the bottom of the plastic water bottle with.

Add warm water

Now get some warm water and pour it on top of the sugar and banana slices. Make sure the water covers the sugar and banana slices completely. With a spoon, mix everything in the bottle together.

Add top half of bottle

Now you will make use of the other half of the bottle which is the top half. Remove the bottle cap from the top half and turn it over to face downwards. Put the top half in the bottom half that has the sugar, banana and water mixture as the mouth of the top half is still turned downwards.

Building process complete

Your fly catcher has been successfully built, and you are ready to exterminate the flies in your house. All you have to do now is, position the contraption in an open space in the room where flies are taking over. Wait a little while, and the flies will come to your device.

Let the fly catcher work

This is how the contraption works. The flies are drawn to the bottom through the opening at the top. Once they have gotten to the mixture at the bottom, getting out is a huge problem. Essentially, they are stuck without a way out.

Problem solved

Once your miracle flycatcher begins to work and trap those pesky flies, the bottle will undoubtedly begin to look gross. After a few days, the sight will be bad, but you should leave it there longer. Unless the flies have been completely eradicated, allow the flycatcher to stay in place for up to a week for maximum results. Those pesky flies will be eradicated, and your home will be all yours again.


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