Incredible Celeb Weight Transformations


Sometimes it is not easy to tell what the audience are laughing at; the fatty, voluptuous comedian or the voluminous joke he just made. Unless using the Photoshop magazine, the opportunity to grace the cover page as the sexiest man of woman of the year is only given to those who are fit and healthy. Just like all of us, the celebrities are often struggling with the burden of weight loss. Many stories have been published, though, many others are just hoax. Here are 10 of the most promising transformation stories that you can trust, which will leave you breathless.

Mama June
June Shannon who is famously known as Mama June from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” at the TLC’s train wreck show shared one of the most prominent transformation stories on Twitter. After avoiding sodas and eating baked food, June lost 100 pounds within a year. This transformation helps her keep up with her grandchildren and battle diabetes.

Graham Elliot
Growing up in Seattle and motivated by his love for food, Graham Elliot graduated with an honors degree from Johnson & Wales in 1997 and featured as chef at an early age. He was the youngest four-star chef and featured in Iron Chef and Master Chef and graduated to 400 pounds in 2013. Even though Elliot still loves food, he has lost over 150 pounds and observes healthy eating as well as regular exercise.

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson was a pop icon, an influential and award-winning artist since 1982 with famous hits like “That’s the way love goes” and “All for you”. She holds the record at Billboard Hot 100 for the most consecutive top-ten hits but she was embarrassed by the photos because she never weighed herself. It is not clear how much weight she lost but she managed to cut off on junk foods and poor eating habits.

Randy Jackson
Once a backup musician and rock producer, Randy Jackson served as a judge on American Idol in 2002. He once weighed 350 pounds before he was diagnosed with diabetes. After taking gastric bypass surgery, he lost his weight 220 pounds. Although his weight kept on highly fluctuating until he left American Idol in 2014, he had managed to lose 170 pounds within such a short time.

Paul Wall
This Texas native Paul Wall released his first The Peoples Champ, his first album in 2005 and eight others in a decade. He also ventured into movies, producing “The Furnace” and “I hope they serve beer in hell”. He was initially 320 pounds but is now enjoying with his family upon losing 200 pounds. He also motivated his wife who lost 70 pounds of her own.

Christina Aguilera
When she joined the music industry at the age of 18, Christiana was very thin but her weight had gone through dramatic changes.

Chris Pratt
The second position in the list of the sexiest man alive was taken by Chris Pratt in 2014. He has gained fame in many Hollywood films but the most frustrating of them all is Scott Hatteberg’s “Moneyball” in 2011, a chance he nearly missed. It was not until he lost 30 pounds in gym that he was given the offer. Since then he has lost further 20 pounds to his current weight of 210 pounds and if you know Chris Pratt the Hollywood Hunk, you’ll agree with me that it is not only a physical transformation by a career formation.

Dr. Dre
His real name is Andre Romelle Young from California but it is easier to call him Dr. Dre. He is no only a great rapper but a rich entrepreneur who has founded various companies. Through regular exercise at the gym, he has lost over 50 pounds from his initial weight of 280 and continues to better his music career.

Austin Russell
Most people call him Chumlee of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars in Reality Television. With the help of his Girlfriend, Tanya, he has lost over 75 pounds from his initial of 320 in 2009. Chumlee was not only a great friend of the Gym but also cut on junk until his arrest in 2016 for possessing drugs and firearms.

Jonah Hill
Just like Chris Pratt, Jonah Hill made fame in the Hollywood films including comedies and dramas but was caught off-guard by his role in “Moneyball”. He once weighed 250 pounds and managed to shed some 50 pounds. Hill, though has not been able to keep up and his weight maintained at 270 pounds when he returned to carbs and beer.

Star Jones
She was once a prosecutor in New York and a correspondent on Today and NBC Nightly News. When she was 300 pounds, she was diagnosed as morbidly obese. After taking a gastric bypass surgery, she lost 160 pounds in three years. The transformation has motivated her talent as fashion designer and she still observes diet and exercise.

Al Roker
Known as the Weathercaster at Today the Following Year, Al Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and lost 100 pounds within eight months. Although he once weighed 320 pounds, Roker weighs 180 pounds today with renewed energy that inspires in his career as an actor and best-selling author.

Chaka Khan
As a singer, Khan sold over 70 million albums of pop and soul in four decades. Since 2014, she has depended on gym and vegan diet to lose 60 pounds. This transformation helped her control blood pressure, diabetes and influenced her role in Dancing with the stars.

Shonda Rhimes
She is a big name in primetime television with her role as an actor, writer and producer. As the executive producer of how to get away with murder in 2014, Rhimes is now healthier and happier after losing 127 pounds.


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