Man Turns His Basement Into A Jaw-Dropping Dream Bar


If only we all had the time, determination, and creativity, we would all be building our own man-cave with the comforts and luxuries we desire. Well, reddit user andernic has all those qualities and put them to use designing and crafting this amazing bar in his unfinished basement. Check out his step-by-step images as he creates an incredible party pit perfect for family get-togethers or daily escapes.

He started out with a blank slate and started installing the studs and framing for the completed vision only he could see. See how he incorporated the post into the positioning of the curved bar?

He built out the ceiling to create a stage for his masterpiece with solid columns framing the bartender. I wonder what will be hiding behind him in the alcove when it’s done?

The lucky man had a huge area to work with, leaving lots of play room for any extras he might want to add into the space. A poker table? Big screen TV? The possibilities are endless!

Recessed lighting went in for that professional appearance and then he put sheetrock over all the walls. Power outlets are installed…it really looks like something is going to happen!

Next comes the wall color, a nice contemporary gray that will work with any color changes he might introduce along the way. You can feel the relaxing atmosphere beginning to build, and we’re not even halfway done.

Ah hah! The meat and potatoes of the project have arrived. He test-fits the wine fridge, cooler, and cabinets in the alcove to make sure of a perfect fit when they get permanently installed. You can store a lot of liquor in there.

The first upper cabinet is installed! The dark brown brings and pleasant earthy tone to the gray walls while frosted glass fronts hide the clutter in your cupboards. Looks like we can fit a few bottles in the bottom.

He uses the template for the curve of the bar to fit together the custom bottom cabinets, to ensure they match the arc of the ceiling. Always thinking ahead! Measure twice and cut once, a wise man once said.

The curve of the bar seating begins to come together, a bit like a fan. Extra care is given to ensure that guests will be served at the proper height and the stools will fit beneath the counter.

The base for the countertop is cut from MDF and secured to the base supports. With a little imagination, you can begin to see the final result! He has come so far! You can’t wait to see what he does next.

Ah Hah! More tidbits of good things to come. The decorative beams are dry-fitted into place while the strip LED lights that will be added to the back bar provide some sexy ambient illumination.

Now, what are those? He isn’t going to laminate that counter. Oh no. Those are forms to create a polished concrete counter. How cool will that look when it’s done? This man has killer vision.

Solid strips are attached to the edges of the form and mesh is put down to give the concrete more structure to cling to while it dries. Nothing is going to take this bar down when it is done.

The concrete is poured. Look at it glitter beneath the lights. What will it look like when it is completely dry? Don’t you want to run a finger through it? I hope he kept the cat out of the basement.

Next he starts to piece together the working surface of the inside bar by cutting out concrete board. The end result will be durable, ready to stand up to the biggest party nights.

Forms installed, mesh nailed down and another counter poured and waiting to dry.

He adds some finely finished trim and molding to the pillars and wires them for sconces. Every inch of this bar is getting the professional treatment.

The posts and molding are painted a rich dark brown to match the cabinetry and blend in with the building decor. Those were rough 6×6 posts just a few images ago. Wow!

You didn’t think he was going to cheap out on the back bar, did you? Yep, more concrete counters coming right up! And that is also a sink for handy rinsing of glasses and tumblers.

Next the backsplash goes in with colors and textures that complement the masculine browns and grays that are already part of the look.

Hey! Isn’t that some tiling you would use outside? But it looks pretty good in here, doesn’t it?

LED rope lights are introduced onto the upper soffit creating a real marquee appearance. It’s like there’s gonna be a party or something!

Thin plywood is applied to the outer curve of the bar and framed to create the appearance of wainscoting. A Clever trick for a luxurious look.

A big screen right behind the bar? Sweet! The wood floors went down giving it a real grown-up look and feel, too. It’s almost there!

Some finishing detail is needed. The countertop is prepped for its final polishing to create that smooth and shiny surface.

See? It looks like those fabulously expensive counters on all the home improvement shows. Absolutely beautiful.

The devil is in the details. These lighting fixtures bring together a rugged yet contemporary look.

The adjustable one-piece faucet helps you clean up after the party is over. The extra deep sink makes sure you can collect all the extra bottles along the way.

Add some artwork, leather couches, a nice rug and this place is really looking awesome.

Even the stools are beyond cool. They look like they would fit right in at the wood shop or this amazing bar.

Wow. Great job andernic! How many of your friends want to hire you to fix up their basements?


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