Meet Laura Lopes – The Mysterious Stepsister of Prince Harry and Prince William.


The Royal Family has long been a bastion of intrigue, pride, and entertainment. Whether you hang on every announcement or gamble on the names of the royal children, you probably haven’t been made aware of Laura Lopes. In fact, if that sentence made you say, “Who?”, you are in the right place!

Today, we want to introduce you to the mysterious and enigmatic stepsister of Prince Harry and Prince William.

Our Story Starts Somewhere ElseĀ 

There are very few people that realize the whole story behind the current Royal Family. While Prince Charles may cut quite the royal picture, his past duties and actions may not always have been quite so noble.

As it turns out, our story begins in the year 1981 when Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer first tied the knot.

The Not So Prince Charming

We can make a lot of excuses for when spouses wander away from their commitments, but that doesn’t make it right. Still, when Prince Charles and Lady Spencer first were married, neither could have predicted that infidelity would play a role in their marriage. 

In a shocking turn, Prince Charles would get caught on a bugged phone whispering sweet nothings to one Camilla Parker Bowles.

Meet Camilla Parker Bowles

In every romance novel, there is a good guy and a bad guy. In this story, Prince Charles and Camilla would play the role of ‘bad guys’. The two had kindled an extramarital affair beneath the very nose of Lady Spencer. After the news leaked, the two would call it quits 

Charles and Diana would divorce in 1996.

Passing of a Princess

The next place our convoluted Royal Drama visits is a tragic spit of road outside a tunnel in London in 1997. Princess Diana would be fleeing from journalists when her card would lose control. Princess Diana would pass away from internal injuries while leaving the entire Royal Family shocked and the world devastated.

Rekindling a Lost Romance

Following his divorce, Prince Charles and Camilla would go their separate ways, at least until 2005. The engagement of Camilla to Charles would cause quite the stir. The two would tie the knot at the famous Windsor Castle before their marriage was blessed at St. George’s Chapel.

Rallying Around Camilla

After Camilla and Prince Charles rekindled their relationship and tied the knot once again, there was an aura hanging over the relationship. Fortunately, Camilla was loved and embraced by all. Prince Harry would go on to say, “William and I love her to bits.”

The public would soon come around to embrace Camilla.

Meet the Children, Introducing Tom.

Now let’s dig into the juicy part of our story, the children of Camilla Bowles and the hidden stepsister you’ve never heard about! First, we’ll introduce you to Tom Parker Bowles, a prominent writer, and culinary critic. You might recognize Tom from his work on shows like Masterchef and The F-Word.

Meet the Mysterious Laura Lopes

Meet Laura Lopes, the star of our story! More than just a forgotten fixture in the Royal family, Laura Lopes is the daughter of Camilla and her ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. Laura Lopes would grow up at Bolehyde Manor in Arlington before relocating to London.

Enduring a Rough Childhood

While we hesitate to say any Royal Family member had a rough childhood, life probably wasn’t easy for Laura and her brother Tom. The two would grow up under the harsh spotlight of their mother and step-father’s scandal. Tom and Laura were routinely bothered by the press while the media tried to stir the scandalous pot.

Cameras Around Every Corner

When you are the step-child of Prince Charles, borne from a prior relationship, there are going to be cameras lurking around every corner. The Parker Bowles family home would be under constant surveillance during the early years of their life. This had to be hard for both children and we think it may have shaped their experiences growing up.

Avoiding the Public Spotlight

Tom was not one to shy away from confrontation as he was always quick to condemn the nosing paparazzi. However, Laura didn’t have that same hunger for the press. Instead of putting her name out in public, Lopes would do her best to stay behind the scenes as often as possible.

We wonder how this impacted the relationships she shared with other members of the Royal Family!

Finding True Love

We have to wonder how hard it is for members of the Royal Family to go out and date. We assume that it has to be quite difficult to find someone who wants you for you rather than your status. In any event, Laura Lopes had some success as she would meet and eventually marry Harry Lopes, grandson of Massey Lopes.

A Picturesque Couple

While Harry Lopes may not leap off the page, he is the grandson of Massy Lopes – 2nd Baron Roborough. With quite the decorated lineage, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they make quite the Royal Pair! The couple remains together to this day, though they do their best to keep their relationship out of the public spotlight.

Welcoming a Child to the Family

It wouldn’t take long for Harry and Laura Lopes to add another member to their family. Roughly two years after tying the knot, the Lopes would welcome daughter Eliza Lopes to the world on January 16, 2008. The blessings wouldn’t stop coming for Laura and Harry as they would welcome fraternal twin boys just a year later in Gus and Louis. 

A Royal Bridesmaid

We know that things have to be going well for Laura and the family due to her inclusion in Royal Events. While Laura and Tom never try to steal the spotlight, they are almost always around. In fact, Laura’s daughter Eliza would serve as a bridesmaid at the wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Quite the Art Career

While it might be tempting to pigeonhole Laura Lopes as just another member of the Royal Family, that isn’t quite the case. Laura has helped cultivate a career of her own as an art curator in London. Lopes would manage The Space Gallery in Belgravia before becoming a co-founding partner as well as gallery director at Eleven Gallery in London.

In Love With Venice

Long before Laura had established herself as a member of the Royal Family, she had worked as an intern for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. Years later, Laura still speaks highly of the gallery and tries to visit it whenever she is in the area. A true art-lover at heart, it would seem!

What’s Next For Laura?

While we can’t say for sure what the Royal Family has in store for Laura and Tom, we do know that certain rumblings are going on in the background about a Royal Title. According to a report by The Express, Charles may eventually ‘confer royal titles’ onto his stepchildren.

One day, the forgotten stepsister Laura could end up as a Duchess or Countess!8.5.0 


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