Meet The Sexiest Woman In Golf


Paige Spiranac has been taking the golf world by storm. She is by far the hottest golfer on the planet. Her Instagram photos are liked by so many people, she has a following of over 600K and she is one hell of a golfer too. Paige went to San Diego State University and she is originally from Arizona.


Just recently Paige was on the front cover of Golf Digest. She is quickly becoming more and more famous. And for good reason too. She is so bubbly and beautiful and athletic. Also it is well known that she is a total sweetheart. When you see her pictures you might think to yourself that she is not approachable, but that isn’t true at all. It is well documented that she is an absolute sweetheart who is very approachable and down to earth.

Paige started her Instagram account in May 2015 right after she graduated from San Diego State University. Dealing with her new found fame was difficult at first, Paige would sometimes find herself crying at some of the comments that people would leave on her Instagram account. Can you believe that someone would have something bad to say about this angel? I can not imagine.. It just goes to show you that some people on the internet are absolute jerks…


When Paige debuted as a pro in a tournament in Dubai she was very nervous and did not finish very well at all. She was so nervous that she felt like locking herself in the bathroom prior to her tee time. Since that she has currently bounced back from that performance and has won her first professional tournament. Yep that’s right Paige proved all her haters wrong in early June when she won her first professional win on the Cactus Tour at Orange Tree in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spiranac shot a final-round 68 and beat amateur Hannah O’Sullivan in a playoff. Paige is starting to adapt to the spotlight a lot better and the sky is the limit for this bombshell. She has so much going for her, I hope she can continue to win.

On top of her rising stardom she is also being looked at as a golf innovator of sorts. When you scroll through her Instagram page you will see her doing all kinds of things to help diversify the game and make it look fun. Within her Instagram account you can see her doing golf fitness routines and golf trick shots. Those types of things makes her stand out from other female golfers. We should all really appreciate Paige because she is not just pretty she has a lot of other great things going for her.


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