Realtor Sisters Unveil Time-Capsule Home, Riveting Story of 96-Year-Old Homeowner.


When Gladys and Carla Spizzirri decided to get into the real estate industry, they knew that they would come across some fascinating homes. Little did they know, the Spizzirri sisters would be blown away by a simple little home located at 148 Jane Street. The property had been owned by an elderly woman named Joyce her entire life. Now at 96-years-old, Joyce was ready to sell the home… But she needed some help.

Keep on reading to see just what Gladys and Carla discovered in Joyce’s time capsule home!

An Incredible Story of Love

Gladys and Carla Spizzirri had been working in the real estate industry for several years when they were contacted by an elderly woman named Joyce. Joyce was a 96-year-old homeowner who had lived in the same home since she had acquired it alongside her late husband. Now, 70+ years later, Joyce was ready to sell the home but not before sharing some of the beautiful memories she collected there.

We Begin Our Story In Toronto

We begin our story in the city of Toronto. The most densely populated city in Canada, Toronto is now home to more than 2.7 million people! Toronto has been revered for decades as an international hub for art, culture, and cuisine. With that being said, Toronto wasn’t always the thriving city that we now see. When Joyce and her husband had moved to Toronto following their wedding, things were very different.

Locating 148 Jane Street

Joyce and her husband had decided to purchase a home on the East Side of Toronto. Purchasing the home in the 50s meant that Joyce and her husband were given an amazing deal on the property. In the years since their purchase, the home on Jane Street had risen in value thanks to the booming state of the neighborhood.

Enigmatic Jane Street Home

Now that we are fully zoomed in on the subject of our story, we can see just how enigmatic this Jane Street property actually is. An unassuming brick structure, Joyce and her husband had turned the property into their world. In the wake of her husband’s passing, Joyce had decided that it was time to move to America to live closer to her grandchildren.

But first, Joyce had to sell the property.

Meet the Realtor Sisters

This is where Gladys and Carla Spizzirri steps into the story. The Realtor Sisters had been working together in the real estate industry since 2009. In the time since their partnership began, the Spizzirri sisters had become titans in the real estate industry. They worked well together to get the most value out of each property for their client.

Getting the First Phone Call

When Carla received a phone call from Joyce, she was immediately interested in representing the property. Carla knew that Jane Street was in a great location but she also knew that there were possible hurdles to overcome. The home had been owned by a single family for almost 70 years. What shape was it in?

Introducing the Lovely Owner, Joyce

Fortunately, Carla and Gladys didn’t have to wait too long for answers. Though Joyce was rapidly approaching her 100th birthday, she was as smart and focused as ever. Joyce detailed the state of the home to the Realtor Sisters before inviting them over to perform an inspection. Things were beginning to move quickly!

Potential Deal of a Lifetime

As experienced real estate professionals, the Spizzirri Sisters knew not to get too excited just yet. Joyce clearly had an emotional connection to the property. She could reasonably pull out from the deal at any moment while remaining completely in the right. Carla and Gladys wanted to make sure that Joyce was ready to sell.

Time to Sell Jane Street

Fortunately for all parties involved, Joyce knew that it was time to sell the property. In the wake of her husband’s passing, Joyce found that she was ready to visit the rest of her family once again. She had nothing to keep her in Toronto, so Joyce wanted to sell her property to move to Florida.

Acquiring an Estimate

Upon giving the Spizzirri sisters the ‘go-ahead’ to list the property, Joyce and her realtors knew that it was time to get an estimate. After performing market research on the area, the Spizzirri sisters revealed that the home could be worth upwards of $1 million! All they had to do was confirm that the interior was still in reasonable shape.

What the realtors ended up walking into was more amazing than just reasonable.

An Extraordinary Time Capsule Revealed

As Carla and Gladys stepped up the front porch and into the home, they realized that they had stumbled upon something quite special. It was immediately clear that Joyce and her husband had prided themselves on taking care of the property. Not only was it in great shape, but the home was a time capsule that represented Joyce’s life!

A Lifetime In One Home

Joyce went on to reveal that she and her husband had purchased the home as their wedding gift back in the 50s. Rather than move on from the property to another home, the duo had decided to plant their flag in the building, so to speak. Joyce revealed that she and her husband had lived there for the entirety of their adult lives. 

Joyce Shares Her Backstory

As the realtors navigated the home, Joyce shared details about her life that helped solve the puzzling home. Joyce described how she had dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Though she never chased that dream, her husband had let her have complete control of the home’s design. Joyce revealed that her husband let her do anything with the home.

Important Upgrades Throughout

While the Spizzirri sisters were touched by the story, they were even more impressed by the property itself. Even though it had been owned by a single family for 70+ years, the property still had been kept in great shape. Joyce had even installed important updates around the home, including the kitchen.

The Realtors Have Concerns

While the Spizzirri sisters knew that they had a gem on their hands, they also knew that there was a potential problem. The home was overwhelmingly feminine thanks to Joyce’s refined design touch. The realtors were scared that this feminine design would scare away a portion of buyers. 

Fortunately for everyone involved, this ended up not being the case.

Joyce Reveals a Beautiful Story

After hearing their concerns regarding the femininity of the home, Joyce took the realtors to the basement. The homeowner would reveal that her husband had claimed the basement for his man-cave in exchange for allowing Joyce to have full control of the rest of the home’s design. Joyce had left the basement as it was when her husband passed to keep his memory alive.

Masterful Attention to Detail

The more Joyce discussed the property, the more the Spizzirri sisters were confident they would get a sale. The house was clearly in beautiful shape and its location was unbeatable. The neighborhood had become quite trendy over the past several decades as posh shops, boutiques, and restaurants continued to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

The Listing Quickly Goes Viral

After uploading the home photos to the internet, the Spizzirri sisters knew that it was time to sit back and wait. In a stroke of good fortune, the wait was not very long! 148 Jane Street quickly went viral and soon showings were being scheduled and offers were being made. Suddenly, the house sale was much likelier than ever before.

Closing In On The Sale

Now that an offer was on the table, the realtor sisters were concerned for Joyce. It was one thing to discuss selling the home you had lived in your entire life, it was another thing to sell it entirely. Joyce was touched by the home but she knew that it was time to head to the United States to see the rest of her family.

Joyce Bids Farewell

As the realtor sisters locked in a final sale, they knew that it was coming time to bid farewell to Joyce. Joyce was extremely appreciative and touched by the sale. Her story had also touched the Spizzirri Sisters and perhaps even taught them to see more in a home than what was evident by the front door.

What do you think of Joyce’s home and her story?


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