Richest Golfers of All Time



Arnold Palmer: Earnings ($675 Million)

Arnie is one of the most beloved golfers of all time. And for good reason too, he’s won seven majors and was a mega golf star back in his heyday. Mr. Palmer is a great business man, he makes most of his money through golf related business ventures and he even has his own drink that you can find at about any grocery or convenience store.


Tiger Woods: Earnings ($550 Million)

Tiger has won numerous tournaments and has smashed several golfing records. He dominated his field for such a long time. Tiger makes his money from tournament winnings and sponsorships. His sponsorships range all the way from video games to golf shoes.


Greg Norman: Earnings ($300 Million)

Greg Norman is another great business man. Norman also known as the Great White Shark has won a ton of tournaments, totaling over 90. The Great White Shark earns his income from a variety of ventures ranging from golf clothing to golf course design.


Jack Nicklaus: Earnings ($280 Million)

The Golden Bear is currently the best golfer to ever pick up a club. He has won the most majors and has won countless tournaments as well. He owns one of the worlds biggest course design companies and his golf instructional DVDs also make him a lot of money.


Gary Player: Earnings ($200 Million)

Gary has won 165 professional tournaments. Yeah you heard me right.. This guy has won a lot of golf tournaments!! Gary has made his money from writing books, designing courses and breeding thoroughbred horses.


Phil Mickelson: Earnings ($180 Million)

Mickelson is one heck of a golfer. He is so much fun to watch!! Phil makes a great deal of his money on the course, but he makes the bulk of his money off the course from endorsements.


Fred Couples: Earnings ($105 Million)

Mr. Cool, Fred Couples also has some cold hard cash! Fred has won 63 professional tournaments. He now plays on the senior tour and makes his money from course design and other golf related business ventures.


Vijay Singh: Earnings ($75 Million)

Vijay is one of the hardest working golfers out there. It is well known that Vijay is usually the first player at the range and is the last one to leave the range as well. Vijay makes his money from endorsements and tour winnings.


Ernie Els: Earnings ($75 Million)

Ernie who is also known as the “Big Easy” has held the #1 spot on tour for a remarkable 788 weeks. The Big Easy earns his loot from designing golf courses and from his winery, Ernie Els Wines.


Sir Nick Faldo

In my opinion Nick Faldo gives some darn good golfing advice. Nick has a total of 6 majors, nowadays his monies come from covering golf on CBS Sports.


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