Royal Family Fallout – Harry and Megan Are BANNED From These Activities After Leaving the Family!


Meghan and Harry have been two of the most prominent members of the Royal Family since they first began their courtship. Now, full-fledged international superstars, Harry and Meghan are shaking up things back at the Royal Palace by leaving the Royal Family! After making the stunning decision to forego their royal duties in order to move to Canada, we are only just now seeing the full scope of the fallout.

Keep on reading to find out 18 activities that Harry and Meghan have been banned from since departing the Royal Family!

Sacrificing Trust Within the Family

“We intend to step back as senior members of the Royal Family…” The notice declared, apparently blindsiding members of the Royal Family. When Harry and Meghan decided to step away from their duties within the family, they broke one of the most important rules of life as a Royal: they shocked their family. 

While Harry and Meghan may have instantly made problems with their Royal brethren, that was only the beginning.

Banned From Representing Military

Prince Harry proudly served his country in Afghanistan, earning a reputation for being as soldierly as any other fighter in uniform. While those days were important and formative to Harry, they are long gone now. Due to Harry’s status within the family, the former military official will no longer be allowed to wear his military uniform at official royal gatherings.

Forfeiture of Certain Royal Titles

When you were born with the mantle His Royal Highness beside your name, you probably grow quite fond of the title. Well, Harry has another unhappy announcement to make, he can no longer be called His Royal Highness! Harry and Meghan were notified via an official statement from Buckingham Palace that they were not to use their HRH titles as they did not belong as ‘working members of the royal family.’

Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it?

The Sussex Royal Foundation Is No Longer

Outside of their work within the political world, Harry and Meghan had been spreading their wings as philanthropists. With the goal of opening the Sussex Royal Foundation in 2020, all bets are now off. As per their agreement with the Queen, Harry and Meghan have to give up any use of the word ‘royal’ within their non-profit organization.

Loss of Work in Royal Family

Once the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to depart from the family, they realized that they would no longer be needed in any official capacity. As per their new living situation, Harry and Meghan no longer have any of the same official duties to tend to. Harry and Meghan had the opportunity to take slighted duties, but that was not something that they were interested in.

Retaining Key Royal Titles

While Harry was introduced to several servings of bad news, Harry and Meghan didn’t lose everything. While they can longer claim the title of His Royal Highness, Harry and Meghan can still be labeled the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Isn’t life just all about the little things?

Burning Bridges to Buckingham Palace

Even though the Queen has made it abundantly clear that she retains love for Meghan and Harry, serious harm has been done within the family. Due to the fact that Harry and Meghan are extending their lives more into the commercial and public spheres, they’ve effectively sundered a lifeline to their old world.

Forced International Life

When Harry and Meghan decided to leave the Royal Family behind, they chose to move to Canada. Living an international life can be tough even in the most normal of circumstances, but life as an international former Royal was something else entirely. Their new international life requires intense coordination and improved security details.

Getting a Royal Review

Did you know that after leaving the Royal Family, they place you under review? Harry and Meghan were not happy to hear that they were being monitored following their departure. Harry and Meghan released a statement on their website, “For the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a 12-month review period has been put in place.”

Sacrificing Closeness With Prince William

Prince William and Prince Harry had always been close so it stands to reason that the news would fracture their relationship. Prince William would open up about his brother’s departure and the corresponding rift that it had created. As it turns out, losing a brother hurts even if you are a royal.

Harry Loses Senior Status Within Family

Upon opting to pursue more mainstream interests outside of the Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would both be forced to step down as senior members of the royal family. While this was shocking to some, it wasn’t unwelcome for Harry and Meghan. The famous couple wanted a chance to raise their son in a quieter world where privacy was more revered.

Royal Branding Problems

An unfortunate impact of leaving royal life for the commercial world is a serious branding struggle. While everyone knows that Harry and Meghan were the minds behind the Sussex Royal branding campaign, they can no longer lay claim to it. According to the Queen, you can’t market yourself as a royal in otherwise commercial endeavors.

Losing Free Security Detail From Met Police

Before departing to Canada, Harry and Meghan had the luxury of their security detail being provided by the Met Police. Unfortunately, the Met Police can’t be expected to operate throughout Canada — that’s just not going to ever happen. Instead, Harry and Meghan have to procure their own security to be billed by Canada and recompensed by the Royal Family.

Archie Sacrifices Royal Claim

Perhaps the most stunning loss of all is the fact that Archie has lost his claim to royalty. Archie is bereft of any possible royal title even though his parents are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. If you somehow met Archie on the street you would greet him as Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Forfeiture of Frogmore Cottage Building Fees

Meanwhile, leaving the family behind met sacrificing some of the perks that came with them. British taxpayers had spent millions of dollars renovating Frogmore Cottage for Harry and Meghan. Due to the fact that they would be leaving the home behind, this support would no longer be accessible. Instead, Harry and Meghan would have to fork over their own money.

Relief From Prince Charles

Even if the public reaction from the royal family seemed harsh, there are still moments of familial bonding going on behind the scenes. As it turns out, Prince Charles has agreed to help support Harry and Meghan as they transition away from the royal bank account. Harry’s father has offered ‘private financial support’ from his own private accounts.

What’s Next for Meghan and Harry

As Harry and Meghan roll around the new struggles and perks that their life has brought, followers around the globe are watching on. What will Harry and Meghan do next? While that question is fascinating, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely put a pin in any major plans for 2020.

Would You Walk Away From Royalty?

Now that we have seen what Harry and Meghan have sacrificed to leave the Royal Family behind, we have to wonder — was it worth it? If you were a member of the Royal Family, would you ever consider sacrificing all of the perks in exchange for more control and privacy in your life?


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