sexiest golf wives and girlfriends


Tabitha Furyk: Married to Jim Furyk


Tabitha married Jim Furyk in 2000 and they have two children. Furyk won the 2003 US Open and the 2010 FedEx Cup were he was rewarded a handsome pot. Tabitha is very involved in raising money for charities, she has raised roughly $800,000 to provide support for local children charities.

Liz Estes: Wife of Bob Estes


Between 1994 and 2002 Bob Estes has 4 PGA Tour victories. Liz Estes is wife to Bob Estes, she is not just a stay at home wife she also has high level aspirations. Liz is an aspiring musician and continues to chase her dream.

Amy Mickelson: Married to Phil Mickelson


Amy was a Phoenix Suns cheerleader who now cheers on her husband. Amy had a cancer scare in 2009 that led to Phil withdrawing from a number of tournaments, but luckily she ultimately beat cancer.


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