The Trump Secrets You Need to Know!


Ever wanted to know some juicy and dark secrets about the current America’s first family? We reveal the craziest facts about Trump and his huge family. Read on to find out;

Trump has a ‘YUGE‘ Family

Donald has five kids with three different women, and as he’d say, he has a “YUGE!’ family. While they live across the country, they had left all their other affairs to help Donald Trump with his campaigns in his quest to become the next President of the United States.

Did Trump Say He’d Date His Own Daughter?

As teenage, Ivanka launched a pretty successful modeling career. Over the years, she gained immense attention from the public. Her success in business and stunning looks got her father confess that were Ivanka not his daughter and if he were not happily married, he would probably be dating her. You’ll agree she’s hot, but don’t you think that’s somewhat creepy?

Ivanka had a legal Battle to Fight

The elites face some legal troubles, and Ivanka Trump had her share. After launching a super successful line of accessories in the fashion industry, she encountered some legal issues along the way. Ivanka had to do away with an entire line of scarves from China that were allegedly flammable. Later, she fought an infringement lawsuit on her line of shoes.

An Entire Floor for Baron

In his family’s Manhattan penthouse, Baron has a whole floor all to himself. Apparently, the parents would love that he grows up like the regular kids. They have some staff members who cook and clean, but there’s no nanny. Usually, Melania takes care of Baron including picking him from school.

Tiffany is the Most Private

Despite his father’s name, Tiffany has managed to stay out of the spotlight and is apparently the most mysterious of all Trump’s kids. She’s the daughter of Donald’s second wife. However, during her father’s campaign trail, she was forced to come out in support.

Tiffany Wasn’t Raised by Trump

It’s no secret that Tiffany’s life remains private and Trump considers her secretly. She wasn’t brought up under the watch of her father as her mother, Marla Maples, who married soon after her birth, had a divorce with Trump when she was only six years.  Unlike her siblings who grew up East Coast, she was brought up by her mother in California as Trump proceeded to Melania, his now third wife.

Eric Trump

He’s the third of the Trump’s children and the Son of Ivana. He’s very involved in his father’s company, and his career in business is pretty successful. Eric Trump is married to an Associate Professor at CBS News. The big question is, ‘did that help President Trump in his relationship with the media during his campaigns?’

Failure is Not an Option as a Trump

Growing up as Trump is a super tough. What with the high academic and athletic performance expectations from the man himself, Sr. Trump. He doesn’t like disappointing children, and it must be challenging growing up under his watch.

Trump Said Kids like His Are Very Troubled

Donald Trump once said that children of successful people tend to be very troubled. While he may not have been directly referring to his kids, one wouldn’t help but wonder if there’s any hidden meaning in that statement. We hope there’s nothing fishy going on in the family that has yet to come out to the public.

It’s Such an Elite Family

Funny enough, Ivanka Trump doesn’t enjoy flying in business class. Did you imagine for a moment that she doesn’t like to be among the best? NO. Allegedly, she’s rude to the flight attendants. Probably Ivanka is used to flying on a private jet. Or the beautiful blonde was super good at concealing her true self when campaigning for her dad.

Trump Jr. Loves Hunting

Is it a hobby or something? Trump Jr. is badass at hunting. Rumor has it that he’s made several trips to Zimbabwe and he must have killed a few rare animals. He once confessed that hunting helped keep him out of trouble when he was a kid. But you’ll agree that it’s still weird to shoot an endangered animal just for fun.

Tiffany is InstaFamous

Despite being out of the public limelight in real life, Tiffany is very famous on Instagram where she has a huge following. Together with her friends, she shares photos of their night outs out of town. There are rumors she’s a close friend of Anna Wintour and even the editors of Vogue.

Eric Trump Has a Rich Wife

His wife is was a model, and she earned quite a decent amount of money. Before they met, rumor has it that she dated Leonardo DiCaprio the time she was wildly famous. The two live in a house worth 2 million dollars that was partly funded by his family’s fortunes.

Are They the Rich Kids of Instagram?

Remember Tiffany is wildly famous on Instagram. They have a cool nickname for their clique, ‘Rich Kids of Instagram.’ When they’re free, the friends spend time traveling the world. One cannot help it but get jealous of such a fabulous and enjoyable lifestyle.

It’s Was a Crazy Year for Donald Trump Jr.

It looks like it’s now serious business for Donald Trump Jr. Immediately after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, he took time off for an escape into the snowy land of Aspen. From the look of things, he didn’t enjoy the time of the mountains. He swore that there’s no more partying.

Eric Trump Can Be Insensitive

In 2016, Eric made the headlines when he blamed the women rape and sexual assault victims. He asserted that her sister Ivanka wouldn’t allow herself to be sexually assaulted. Following that was public outrage. However, Eric never apologized for his unfortunate remarks.

He Built His Empire from ‘Small Loan of just 1 million.’

Trumps claims that he built his business from a small loan that his father gave him of 1 million dollars. Did you say a small loan? Good heavens, some people are just lucky! There’s no denying that Trump’s children are successful in their businesses. But everyone can tell that they had the support of their dad.


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