This dude shot 80 once — yes, with this swing


Some people spend thousands of dollars and put thousands of hours into perfecting a golf swing that is just like what the pros use. It works for a lot of people, but for one amateur golfer, a unique swing seems to work just fine.

Jack Van Meerbeeck, 58, of Greensboro, N.C. has one of the most unusual swings you will ever see, and he has shot 80 at the Sedgefield Country Club there. It is the site of the PGA’s Wyndham Championship, so it is no slouch of a course.

Golf Digest did a story about him and his unusual swing.
It is a swing Meerbeeck came up with on his own. He said he took a few lessons some years ago, and “I thought the pro was going to have a heart attack,” when he saw the swing. The pro told him to square the club on impact with the ball, and that was about all he said.

It starts out unusual as he wears two gloves. He starts out almost like a normal swing but then his hands go about chest high. He flips his wrists over his shoulders and the club is upside down at one point. His hands block his view of the ball during the swing, which is about as counter-intuitive as you can get in golf.

His arms flail about over his head early on in the swing as well. There is a lot of arm movement and hand movement from start to finish, but by the end, his club makes solid contact with the ball and he is pretty accurate with it.
“I’ve heard a lot of funny comments about my swing at the range, but when people play golf with me, they usually get very quiet,” Jack says. “It’s all about being able to repeat it on a consistent basis, right?”

Indeed, he manages to make solid contact with the ball when it counts – which is when the club actually hits the ball. That is the ultimate part of golf, so his swing works.

Meerbeeck is a native of Belgium, and has lived in North Carolina for many years. His swing is unique, and it is one he invented himself. The point of golf is to find what works for you. With years of practice and trying different things, he found a way to make a swing work for himself. Many have written about this unusual swing, and it would be pretty hard to teach it to anyone, with all the gyrations and movements involved. He does make the same moves each time and has his own consistency, which is the key to having a good golf swing.


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