This Giant Lizard Thinks He’s A Dog, And He Loves To Cuddle His Human


Dogs are often called a man’s best friend, but for Scott and Ice, they wanted a less traditional pet. They didn’t want a cat, dog, or even a bird. No, instead they opted for a lizard. Their pet, a 20-lb Argentine red tengu is named MacGyver is as much of a pet to them as any dog or cat could ever be. They tell anyone who will listen that lizards shouldn’t be overlooked as pets. They’re affectionate, curious, and fun to be around.

.MacGyver many not be furry, but he does like to cuddle. He spends much of the day snuggling next to their feet by the couch or sandwiched between them in bed. Despite what you may think, lizards can be domesticated. Once they get comfortable with your home, they’re likely to hang out with you and may even want to snuggle.

Lizards like MacGyver are very friendly and personable. Scott and Ice created a youtube page for their lizard, which quickly rose to fame. As of today, the lizard’s youtube page is followed by more than 33,000 subscribers. That’s more than a lot of people can boast.

After MacGyver started to make a name for himself on youtube, Scott and Ice expanded his social media presence. They created an Instagram page, Facebook account, and even a LinkedIn page. While he’s not likely to work a shift anytime soon, he’s well-known throughout the online world.

MacGyver enjoys basking in the sun in Scott and Ice’s backyard. He also spends sleepy afternoons in a dog bed. Lizards like MacGyver need to spend long periods of the day in the sun to keep their body temperature at proper levels. Lizards can’t tolerate all kinds of weather. They need sunlight and heat to survive and to live a healthy, long life.

MacGyver is far from a genius mastermind like his namesake, but he’s much more intelligent than many may think. Lizards are intelligent animals, which is one quality that makes them an ideal pet. They can learn tricks, play fetch, and are able to understand certain commands.

MacGyver is smart and fun to be around, but he’s far from easy to take care of. Lizards like MacGyver require a lot of maintenance. You can’t leave them alone all day in a house like you could with a cat or dog. If you do, they’ll likely destroy your home or apartment.

MacGyver and his lizard friends have quite the appetite. The cost of food is high, especially when you consider that much of what they eat is meat, which doesn’t come cheap. Lizard owners also must provide a home for their reptiles. Lizard enclosures take up a lot of space and the pre-fabricated ones can cost thousands of dollars. This is another reason why lizards are not the perfect pets for everyone.

Food and shelter aren’t MacGyver’s only needs. Lizards like him are cold-blooded, which means he needs to spend a significant portion of the day in the sunlight to keep his body temperature warm and regulated.

Before MacGyver, while in college, Scott owned two Argentine tengu lizards, one was blue and the other was red. Unfortunately, he had to sell the lizards before he moved back to Shanghai.

In 2012, when Scott moved back to the United States, he knew that he needed another Argentine tengu lizard. That’s when he met MacGyver. At first glance, he knew he was the pet for him.

A short time after they took MacGyver home, Scott and Ice found out that he was a very picky eater. They fed him more than 20 forms of ground meat. They tried pheasant, duck, quail, and goose. All of these failed. After a long search, they discovered that he would only eat llama meat.

Scott and Ice like to bring him around friends and family. At first, they were worried he wouldn’t get along with dogs or cats. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by other pets. When asked about dogs, Scott said, “he’s not super afraid of them. He won’t attack them. He’ll pretty much lay there and do his own thing and hope that the dog doesn’t get up in his face.” Scott and Ice treat MacGyver like any other pet. He’s definitely a member of the family.

MacGyver is a friendly lizard, but dog owners should beware that he could be a danger to their pets if he’s provoked. He also enjoys grapes as a snack, which unfortunately looks similar to some small dogs’ noses. Thankfully, MacGyver has yet to mistake a nose for a grape.

If you spend any time with MacGyver, you’ll quickly notice that he loves to cuddle and he’s not afraid of people. From the moment Scott and Ice brought him home, he’s been curious, active, and as loving as any cat or dog.

While MacGyver is great, he’s not the ideal pet for everyone. Lizards like him require a lot of attention. Owners must know how to care for their reptiles and may be required to pay extra money to create a comfortable home for their lizard friend. If you’re like Scott and Ice and you want a lizard as a pet, prepare your house before you bring him or her home with you. Your new pet will likely take some time to adjust and get comfortable. If you’re on the hunt for a lizard, contact an adoption organization. There are many groups out there and they’ll help you find the lizard that you’re looking for.


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