Today’s Highest Paid Golfers



5. Jordan Spieth: Earnings ($19 Million)

Golfs baby face assassin is raking in the cash now. When he was 21 years old he shot 18 under at Augusta National to win his first Masters. Spieth has won a lot of his money so far in his career, he has made a total of $9 million in tour winnings and the rest of his income has come from endorsements like Under Armour and AT&T.


4. Justin Rose: Earnings ($20.2 Million)

Justin has made a butt ton in endorsements this year. His endorsements come in from Adidas, Ashworth, British Airways, Hublot, and TaylorMade. This past year Rose has brought in $8 million in tour winnings. Rose is currently the #5 golfer in the world.


3. Rory Mcllroy: Earnings ($48.3 million)

Rory Might only be #3 on this list, but $48 million is nothing to cry home to mommy about. Rory has accumulated over $16 million in tour winnings. And off the course is were Rory has made his real cash! Nike’s golden boy is making $32 million a year in endorsements. Rory also makes a butt ton of money from his new golf video game and endorsements with Bose and Omega. Not bad for a 26 year old from Northern Ireland.


2. Tiger Woods: Earnings (50.6 Million)

Tiger has not been winning too much on the course lately, but that hasn’t effected his pockets too much.. Tiger has only won $600K in tour winnings so far… The bulk of Tigers income has come from endorsements. He is making a cold $50 million in endorsements. His endorsements range from the likes of Nike to MusclePharm. Tiger might be having some problems on the course, but he for sure isn’t having any problems with money.

Phil Mickelson

1. Phil Mickelson: Earnings ($50.8 Million)

Phil passed Tiger on this list by a mere $200K. According to Forbes, Phil brought in most of his money by his association with companies like Callaway, Barclays, KPMG, Exxon Mobil, Rolex and Amgen. That ain’t to shabby for a guy that only made $2 million of that total $50 million for course winnings.


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