What This Guy Is Doing To This Course’s Golf Holes Will Make You LAUGH!!


This story is going to make you laugh your socks off. In Norway their is a golf course that is called “Stavanger Golf Club.” At this course their is a gentleman that goes to the course at night.. Not every single night, but most nights he goes their and POOPS in the hole on the golf greens. The authorities have been after this guy for 10 years. Can you believe this guy? He has been doing this for 10 freaking years. Now get this he doesn’t do this on the weekend, he only poops on the green on the weekdays. So this pooper must be out and about on the weekend you know what I mean. haha.



The people that are familiar with this crime call the serial pooper “Dridaren.” Don’t ask me how they came up with this name, I have no clue. Another interesting fact is that Dridaren brings his own toilet paper with him to the scene of the crime. So many people have tried to catch him in the act, but everyone who have tried to catch him have not even come close. I wonder if it is an inside job.. How can an outsider be so successful at doing this deed for so long?

One time they went to great lengths to catch Dridaren, but they did not succeed. What Stavanger Golf Club did was they took two motion censored lights and pointed them over two of the most popular places where he drops his pants, but that didn’t work. What he did was he would go up in a tree to avoid the lights. This guy is so dedicated.

The poop terrorist is still out there.. He has yet to have been caught and is still successful to this day. This is a very strange story, but this is so interesting. I mean can you believe the commitment this guy has? WOW… JUST WOW…


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