Wife Passes Away Hours After Giving Birth, Then Husband’s Instinct Tells Him To Check Her Pregnancy Blog


Matt and Liz were the kind of couple that always managed to do everything they proposed. From high school to a long-distance relationship, everything was going great for them. And one of those wonderful experiences of these young adults were when they realized that Liz was pregnant with their first child: a little girl.

But that happy moment was abruptly interrupted by an unexpected tragedy happened that changed everything in a blink of the eye. In his deep grief, Matt felt a strange urgency to re-check his wife’s pregnancy blog. He could never know the series of events that would come and change his entire life forever.


A Dreamy Begin

Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman both grew up in Minnetonka town in Minnesota. Their lives will be linked forever after an unexpected meeting at a gas station that meant the beginning of a dreamy love story.


Facing Long Distances

After graduating from the high school, they had to deal with the harsh reality of being enrolled in different colleges located in different parts of the country. Matt chose to study at the University of Minnesota and Liz was going to study in California.

However, the pair endured the distance and kept their contact through a long-distance relationship.


Fall in Love

After being separated for many years, Matt couldn’t stand to be away from Liz anymore and decided that their lives would be best if they’re together. Therefore, in 2005, he packed his things and moved across the country to be with his girlfriend in Los Angeles, California.

From there, the couple took control of their relationship. With love and a bright future ahead, Liz and Matt decided to explore the world together and share new moments together. In fact, Matt proposed to Liz in Nepal.


A Whole Live To Enjoy Together

Matt and Liz tied the knot on August 13, 2005, in a ceremony assisted by their family and friends. The just married was very excited about starting that new stage on their lives together.

The couple decided to establish in California with Matt working as a project manager and Liz working as a financial executive. In no time, the couple made the big step of buying a house together.


A Baby is Coming

Two years after being married, Liz and Matt Logelin discovered that she was pregnant with their first child together. They couldn’t contain their excitement and were very emotional to share the amazing good news and to do the necessary preparations to welcome their little baby to this world.


Starting a Blog

Due to many of their friends and family back in Minnesota could not be around on every important step, Liz decided to start a pregnancy blog to keep updated their loved ones about the pregnancy process. They posted lovable photos and updated news on Liz’s progress.


Not An Easy Pregnancy

The future seemed bright for the happy couple, but despite the happiness caused by the future arrival of their first child, Liz had a troubled pregnancy. She was dealing with severe morning sickness and doctors recommended her to rest in bed for several weeks.

Despite Liz was always someone who enjoyed the outdoors and jogging, was hospitalized for more weeks of bedrest. Matt continued to update the pregnancy blog.


Rushed to the Delivery Room

Liz was rushed to the delivery room seven weeks before Liz’s due date. Therefore, her pregnancy was classified as high-risk and the doctors took Liz twice into the delivery room but the baby didn’t want both times.

Finally, on March 24, 2008, the baby came into the world but with 2 months premature. Liz had to be interned in an emergency C-section operation.


A Brief Look

After a successful surgery, Matt and Liz welcomed their daughter, Madeline (Maddy) into the world weighing just 3 lbs. 14 oz. The new parents were excited and Liz could see their beautiful baby girl for a brief instant. But due to the baby was born premature, the hospital staff rushed her to the neonatal intensive care unit.



A Terrible Twist

Matt was helping Liz to sit in the wheelchair when suddenly she said, “I feel light-headed” and fainted in his arms. The nurses came to calm Matt by telling him that it was common among new mothers to have a faint after such exhausting experience of giving birth.

But Matt knew that something was not right with his wife. Doctors and nurses started to check her around and suddenly things turned more frenetic so he was asked to leave the room.


27 Hours After Giving Birth

“Suddenly appeared that ‘code blue’ and people rushing past me. All of a sudden it changed for me. She was going to die, here in this hospital. She was never going to hold her little baby,” he told to the press.

Only 27 hours after giving birth, Liz had a deadly clot that traveled her lungs and produced a rare, fatal pulmonary embolism that tragically took Liz’s life at her 30-years-old.


A Bittersweet Reality

In just a few seconds, Matt’s whole world was turned upside down. The 30-year-old man found to be a grieving widower and a new father at the same time. Although he was blessed with the little baby, he’d always imagined enjoying that moment with Liz at his side. But now, he was facing a storm of emotions: enduring the deeper despair of losing his soulmate and facing the harsh reality of becoming a father.


Deep Emotions

After Liz’s funeral, Matt rushed to the hospital still in his suit to feed his infant. Facing the reality of being a single father, Maddy was released from the hospital. “When I finally could bring Madelaine home for the first time, I felt like the house was alive again,” recalled Matt.


Painful Reminders

The first weeks after Liz’s dead had been painful for Matt. He couldn’t remove his wedding ring from his finger for himself and on every Tuesday when the clock marked 3:11 p.m. he remembered the fateful moment when his entire life was turned upside down.

It was so difficult to be at home with so many reminders of his beloved wife surrounding him. Besides, when he went out with Madelaine, he has to explain to every neighbor who asked where is the mother. “She passed away the day after the baby was born,” he’d to say.


Facing Reality

Despite his deep grief, Matt was still motivated by the thought that his daughter needed him and that a part of Liz lived in her. “The most painful thing about being myself after Liz died was just not having her with me, when she wasn’t here to enjoy the moment of having our beloved daughter with us,” he explained.


High and Lows

Matt refashioned Liz’s pregnancy blog into a personal parenting blog and found some consolation in the process. The single father put his heart on a honest writing that would help him to fight off the grief that consumes him and to find some support from other parents that would be facing a similar experience.


The Changing Process

Matt was decided to devote his energies and time to take care of Madeline so she would grow happy and healthy. Even if her mom couldn’t be there with them, he made sure Maddy knew everything about her mother. “I have so many happy memories of Liz and I can tell her all about them,” Matt emphasized.


Easing the Pain

The blog had helped Matt as a cathartic outlet and also became a place where the single father could receive the necessary advice from others. Somehow, complete strangers were so touched by his sad story that they started to send valuable words and items to help Matt to ease the pain and the pressure of his situation and especially to help the single father to focus on raising his little daughter.


Unimaginable Response

People sent many items that Matt didn’t even know he needed. Besides the toys, stuffed animals, and baby clothes, Matt also received formula dividers, diaper bags, baby nail clippers and hair clips.

“I never imagined that people would care about Madelaine and me the way they do,” he explained. With the help of some of his loyal readers, Matt eventually created a charity organization in Liz’s name.


The Liz Logelin Foundation

The Liz Logelin Foundation organized several fundraising events like 5-K walks and runs in her memory. “Matt asked me if it was Ok if he gave away all the money raised to the widows and widowers he had met in his blog,” recalled Rachel Engebretson, the foundation’s co-executive. “They didn’t have the same support and he wanted to help them.”


The Year Milestone

Although Matt’s blog became a meeting place for widows and widowers, he had planned since the very beginning to close it after a year. But Matt was moved by the response to the blog that he decided to invest a lot of his time to help others in similar situations.


Madelaine’s First Birthday

A few days before Madelaine’s first birthday, Matt suddenly remembered the PIN numbers of Liz’s bank account which he had forgotten during all this time.

Realizing that’s what Liz would have wanted, Matt used the money of his beloved wife to give his little daughter a unique birthday party which also meant the one year anniversary of her mother’s tragic death.


Going Traveling

Matt decided to take a break from his job to do something unforgettable. With his daughter on his side, Matt and Maddy traveled to India where he wanted to spend a pair of months to write a memoir. Besides, India had a particular significance to Matt and Liz who had traveled there the year after their wedding.

They passed two invaluable months together and gave him the necessary time and space to write his book: “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love.”


I’m Not an Octopus

After releasing the memoir, it was only a matter of time before Matt wanted to release another book. Fortunately, things will be more cheerful this time because he teamed up with his friend Sara Jensen, a creative director to write together a children’s book named, “Be Glad Your Dad…(Is Not an Octopus!)”


A Long Process

Although Matt has found a way to share his hardship and pain, all these experiences gave him a valuable life lesson of how to recover yourself from a tragedy and make your best effort to surpass what it seems like an impossible situation.

But after all this time, how is Madelaine going?


Madelaine Today

Maddy has turned a 10-year-old girl on March 24, 2018. That date also marked 10 years of the tragic death of her mother Liz. Despite the tragic circumstances that surrounded her birth, her father and relatives have done everything to surround her with happiness, love, and care.

Over the last years, Maddy has grown to know more about his mother through stories and photos and has become very interested to know more about her.


Without Enough Female Influence?

As Madelaine grew, Matt feared that growing without a mother could mean to not have a strong female influence in her life. He mentioned this worry in an emotive blog post after his daughter’s decision to cut her hair short.

After receiving some negative feedbacks for his daughter’s “tomboyish” appearance. However, Matt expressed all the strong female role models in Maddy’s life and explained how he encourages his daughter to make her own decisions and ignore obsolete gender norms.


Moving Onward Without Forgetting

Among the several questions that Maddy asked her father about what her parents used to do together, there was one question that shocked Matt, “Dad, did you hold my mom’s hand when she died?”

Matt said he did his best to explain some things to his beloved daughter, “What I said will never take away what happened that day,” he said. And then Maddy said, “Dad, I love you,” which he answered, “I love too, Maddy.”



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