Worlds Sexiest Female Golfers




Danielle Montgomery

Honestly Danielle is not the greatest golfer on tour, but she sure is SMOKING HOT!! This resident Australian turned pro in 2007 and has not won anything at all. She doesn’t make much on tour, but she sure looks good swinging at that little white ball.


Maria Verchenova

The hot to trott golfer is the first Russian woman to be a part of the European Tour. Maria started playing golf at the young age of 12 and then attended Moscow University to play golf. Maria takes pride in wearing little skirts on the golf course, she says that she wants to make the game sexier.


Demi Runas

Demi Runas is so pretty!! Demi turned professional not too long ago in 2015. Demi picked up her first golf club when she was just 4 years old. That sounds a lot like Tiger Woods doesn’t it…? Runas practices yoga to help with flexibility and to keep her in shape. Her first year on tour she only made 15K in winning. If it is any consolation prize you can have me Runas! hehe


Cheyenne Woods

This is a name that has been making the rounds lately. This is Tiger Woods niece and her first golf coach was Tiger Woods father Earl Woods. Cheyenne was a stud in college and has won more than 30 amateur tournaments. She joined the Ladies European Tour in 2013 and recently in 2015 she joined the LPGA tour.


Natalie Gulbis

Natalie too took up golf when she was four years old. Natalie is a stud to say the least… She won a national title at the University of Arizona and turned pro when she was just 18. Natalie has been featured in FHM magazine and she used to have a TV show and she appeared on the celebrity apprentice back in 2009. She has also done a lot of modeling for magazines like Sports Illustrated and Maxim.


Sandra Gal

Sandra is another international phenomenon, Sandra is from Germany and started playing golf when she was just 5 years old. She is a really great golfer from Germany. When she was 18 she won the National German Championship. Sandra did go to the states for college though, she went to Florida and was named an All-American. Sandra is a really good golfer!!! In 2008 she joined the LPGA and in 2011 she won the Kia Classic.


Blair O’Neal

Blair is also smoking hot and she is yet another female golfer that went to ASU. What is it with hot female golfers and universities in Arizona?? Well Blair is a pretty unique chick, she is a 2 time NCAA long drive champion and was also on a golf reality show. The golf reality show that she was on was Big Break: Dominican Republic. Blair was also named one of the hottest golfers by Golf Digest.. Did you know that hottest golfer in Golf Digest existed?? She was also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition a hand full of times.


Meghan Hardin

Meghan is a well known golfer that has been featured in a few seasons of the Big Break. Meghan was the first girl ever to make her high school golf team.. CLAPS CLAPS!! She was captain of the golf team and was also captain of ___?? Can you guess? The cheerleader team, yep she was a hot cheerleader as well as a kick butt golfer. Hardin isn’t the best female golfer on this list, but she is on the Cactus Tour..


Christy Yun

Can anyone say super hottie? On top of being one heck of a golfer Christy is also a smart business lady. She is launching a clothing line where the clothing will be worn both on and off the course. Christy played at Columbia University and currently works as a PGA Pro at Castle Hills golf course.


Paige Spirac

Paige is number one on this list for sure!!! Paige is soooo freaking hot!! Paige is such a popular model/golfer that her instagram account has over 570K followers. Paige played golf at San Diego State University and is currently playing professionally. On tour Paige wears some of the sexiest outfits by far.


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